Target culture…is… back!!!

…like it ever went away…and there’s me thinking that kittens had got rid of such naughtiness…



14 responses to “Target culture…is… back!!!

  1. Used to be called “Tick sheets.” (79 >) Just for probies those days…

    Of course, “The Force” always denied their existence.

  2. Imelda may promised she would scrap targets,and she keeps her promises.just like when she promised to support us,and always fight our corner…oh er hang on

  3. Like all her promises they were just spin said for headlines. Truth always was the targets never went away she just hid them behind the PCC. She never cut paperwork it’s just a play on words and the same forms just got moved to computers.
    The entire government seems to run purely on spin with the help if tame journalists. Postive headlines spun for all there worth in return for lots of negatively spun anti public sector stories. It’s win win for this government. It’s not a coincidence that stories of unfit firemen come out the week they vote to strike. Pure stage management with little regard to the truth.

  4. I have no targets, they’re now called ‘performance’ indicators.
    My farce is not a force it is service
    We don’t work alongside outside agencies, we have ‘partnerships’
    We subcontract to private companies to improve service level agreements

    I still spend all my day shovelling Sh~t from door to cell to exit.
    we certainly don’t have any leadership with honesty,integrity and the best interests of the public and their colleagues at heart.
    We don’t turn up early, go home late and skip our lunchbreaks to keep the wheel on, we just clock on and clock off

    did I mention the jobwasfucked.

  5. Officer down in Sutton, London.

    PC Andrew Duncan, Metropolitan Police Roads Policing Unit. Thoughts with his family friends and colleagues.


  6. I just heard about this, poor bloke. It was second on the news behind the news of terror attacks in Kenya. Glad to see the BBC has its priorities right as usual.

    • Only second?i would have thought the bbc would have chucked it in right at the end,just before the weather but after the obligatory anti police stop and search/racism/undercover/plebgate/leveson/riots daily pop at police story.

      • I might be reading to much into this but at the end of the BBC report I saw that they mention he’s only the third officer in the Met to be killed as a result of crime since 1999. Can’t see why they feel the need to mention that unless they are trying to suggest policing within the Met isn’t that dangerous. Maybe just me and my tin foil hat tendencies in this current climate.

        RIP Andrew Duncan thoughts are with you and your family.

        • If so that is a disgusting insinuation to be many officers have been injured on duty during that time?how many have suffered life changing injuries?

          Fucking reporters.the greatest risk they face is spilling their pret a manger latte in their fat laps.

        • I don’t think you’re reading too much into it at all Taff Taff. It’s just what we’ve come to expect.

        • Policing anywhere on his god forsaken isle is and always will be dangerous until those who do the job are given firearms. I do not think that the Met is more dangerous than other areas, in fact quite the reverse as assistance is never far away in London.

  7. Trying to stop a speeding vehicle whilst on foot – always a risky business; you never know what nutter is behind the wheel. Our heartfelt sympathy to his family and friends. R.I.P. P.C. Duncan.

  8. Very very sad to hear that the officer died, he has been in my thoughts ever since I heard on this blog that he had been injured. So for his wife and children.

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