Time for a campaign?

Hidden below stories like:

“Apples iPhone scanner hacked”

“greedy councils use super gatso to catch the innocent driver etc”

“coffee is expensive”

“cats binge eat because the are unhappy”

“female ref sent home”

“insects in a can!”

is the story of PC Andrew Duncan…

PC Duncan joined in 1990 and was less than 8-years from retirement.

He was a scout leader as well as a father and husband.

Andrew obviously was a man that took his responsibilities seriously, encouraging other children to be the best they could be.

He looked forward to a (reduced) pension and a life away from shifts with his wife and children.

That meaningful and productive life was cut short by two people that didn’t even stop to see if he was injured after they smashed into him.

Whilst not wishing to profane this man’s memory but I wonder is it now time for us as a Police service or whatever to fight back against the media scum that put this man’s sacrifice below such trivial shit?

over to you…


24 responses to “Time for a campaign?

  1. I read about that in the times today
    the usual scum involved no insurance and scum family giving them alibis
    Its about time our silly out of touch Judicial system woke up
    lets say 150 years each !
    a few decent sentences handed down to back the police up and the effect will soon be felt
    but of course those in the judiciary live an elite life and rarely have to come close to the cutting edge of society ?
    I seem to recall back in the 1950s after a spate of murders in London the Police and the legal system got tough and things changed very quickly

  2. This is my manor Shij and when I saw the initial report on BBC news I rang my CAD room straight away to see if it was one of my team-mates.
    I didn’t know this officer but this could happen to any of us.We have all done traffic points at some time or another.
    I hope there are no scumbag politicians at his funeral.

  3. Agree that it really is time for of proper fight back against the sustained media onslaught sympathetic to the current privatisating tories.

    If ony we had some sort of staff association we could subscribe to, a ‘Federation’, if you will, that would use the millions we could pay it to conduct such a campaign… an association that wouldn’t bend to bribery e.g. having their terms and conditions left unaffected while everyone elses is weakened…

  4. Last week I read that Tony ‘peace envoy to the middle east-my arse’ Blairs daughter was subject to an attempted gunpoint robbery.

    Nothing ever changes until those who wield power feel actual loss and just how week feeble and powerless they actually are.

    Another dead cop is just a statistic and a photo op for the Pm/home sec and acpoo .

    My condolences to my colleagues family,

    F:ck the bbc popular press and all the c:nts who think we are societies punchbags.

  5. This was on TV last night. It’s a fairy tale at the end of the day, but it’s nice to know that even the BBC wish for a better world of justice.


  6. Why not start a petition for tougher sentencing? Someone on here must know how to start these on-line petitions. Think you’d find a lot of MOP’s would be signing up if it was publicized. Mind you, that would be e difficult bit.

  7. If the fed wont defend the police then individual officers will have to step up to the plate. Some articles pissed me off so much I decided to write about them, unless people in the know rebut every untruth or counter ever misleading article then the public wont know what the truth is.

  8. There is a big difference between your media and down here in Australia. Here the media, with a few exceptions, are usually on “our side” and seem to have a lot of respect for the police. This incident would be front page news here not buried beneath all that other crap.

  9. It needs to be challenged from on high. Obviously any CC who was ever a real copper ( we don’t have any I know) should be shouting about it but also government level. Governments here can’t stand police, they are the ones giving papers half truths and spun for all there worth anti police stories. As a result police are treated by the media as lower than the criminals ( MPs included). Listening to MPs paying respects on TV they honestly looked like they were remembering a script going through the motions.
    You look at other countries USA, Austrialia, Spain etc when an officer is killed they politians and media have generally given balanced coverage and support so the condolences sound real. Here they just don’t. I seem one on the TV who looked like they read the script, little smile then remembered ” oh must look sad” it was terrible. Just wish I remembered the name.
    Until government really start to support us, until they insist the Media scum here give proper balanced reports we will always be dismissed and abuised.
    At some point these people have to realise there is no other police force in the world who has the prisons full, courts bursting and does it all with the restrictions we do. Iv challenged many liberal police haters over the years to name one country who’s policing they prefer. Everyone of them stuck.

  10. I have been thinking about this a lot recently. You almost need a sort of association of officers a bit like the institute of advanced drivers dedicated to 100% service to the public with a code of conduct and with officers trained to maximise positive publicity.

  11. For us in the publicly funded Legal Profession, individuals are just beginning to feel the effects of what will I predict be catastrophic. The cuts involved are savage. Of course no one will care because the majority of MOP’s think that we are all fats. Despite what is happening to me, I remain a strong supporter of a properley funded, well equipped and wholly state run police service. I also deplore what is being foisted on the Fire Service.

  12. Oh and a note for Cor! I have purchased one of the devices advertised on the RNID website. Last night I drifted off to sleep with a background of waves lapping up a beach. If you do suffer with the Big T then you needed suffer the silence (when the buzzing is really loud) this machine gives you something relaxing to listen to.

  13. When the buzzing is loud, I DO have something to listen to… that’s the bleedin’ problem, innit?


    Cheers BE

  14. Firstly nice to hear from you Buzz.

    In my case the buzzing alters throughout he day but it is genrally always present. During the day it is masked by other sounds but at night when it is quiet I hear the buzzing more. So the machine creates a white type noise which is also relaxing, that means tha I am mor aware of the relaxing sound.

  15. Campaigns and demonstrations only seem to work in other democratic countries or those we’ve previously invaded/bombed/imposed upon.
    The common man in this country, is just that.
    know your place.
    Britain PLC ,54% foreign owned and the rest the property of those who regard us all with utter contempt.

    Still not like I’ve had my leave cancelled or working extra shifts so that Mr and Mrs Toryboy can pretend to be a part of society by slumming it in Manchester………if by slumming it I mean nice hotels, chauffeurs and slap up meals and plonk.

    Surprised Cameron hasn’t claimed to have brought about the unseasonably good weather in Madchester with his policies and as a direct result of austerity. But then again he won’t have to experience the realities of his policies by walking/working to care or police the inhabitants of the many swamp estates within spitting distance of the cordons.

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