On-line justice?

You can do anything on-line now… buy your groceries… book a holiday… plead guilty at court… study for a degree…

…eh? Enter a plea at court?

March will see the successful* pilot system go live and you can enter a plea at court… mmm… I wonder how they will ensure it’s you pleading…

What next: report your own crime? Investigate your own crime?

Yeah… that’s coming too… A little bird tells me that a couple of BIG forces are going to introduce a ‘get your own crime-number’ on-line systems within the next 12-months.

On a related note, that well known and loved ‘pundit’ Robbie Savage has predictably, got away with speeding…because if he traveled on public transport he would be in danger because people hate him…

Ignoring the fact the court are right…people do hate him…this is another clear example of the simple fact your access to justice depends greatly on how much money you have…


*I’ve never seen a pilot system that failed…it’s someone’s promotion see…

3 responses to “On-line justice?

  1. Robbie SAVAGE not Fowler old chap.

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