Anne Force one (to leave…)

I see the ‘colorful’ Anne Barnes is sacking her youth commissioner

After her being suspected of driving without insurance… I would think she might  have decided to exercise her own feet in leaving office…

I thought PCC stood for Police Crime Commissioner – not Pants Cock-up Commissioner- here are some of her best lines:

  • On her documentary: ‘The only reason I agreed to do the documentary was to help people better understand the role of police and crime commissioner. It is very complex and there are lots of challenges. Unfortunately I don’t think the programme did that and I’m deeply sorry’. 
  • When asked about her job:‘Oh dear, what is a police commissioner? Right, well it’s not the Police Commissioner, it’s the Police and Crime Commissioner.
  • ‘It’s a strange job because there is actually no description at all – there are certain responsibilities you have to do, but there is no actual job description.’
  • On what her ‘Crime Onion’ meant: ‘Oh God, I’ve got no idea – I can’t tell you actually – I wasn’t thinking I’d be talking about the actual onion (the concentric circles) as we call it – umm I don’t know know really – everything’s important.’ 
  • On her Ann Force One battle bus: ‘My budget is £317million, £15,000 is money well spent – I could have had a top of range Mercedes, but it’s not my image.’ Mrs Barnes was then seen driving her personal Mercedes.
  • On resignation of Paris Brown: ‘I was not recruiting an angel. I was not recruiting a police officer. I was recruiting a young person, warts and all. It is personally sad for Paris and her family’
Lol… will someone not rid us of this turbulent priest?

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