Top troll in ‘not much’ outcome at court…

An Internet troll that has been on a constant war against anyone he didn’t like has basically got away with it…

Joshua Bonehill-Paine used his website to attack five victims and made false allegations about them

A former public schoolboy who described himself as a ‘rising star of the right-wing community’ and branded innocent people as pedophiles on-line has escaped a prison sentence.

Joshua Mark Bonehill-Paine attacked five different victims by cloning their Facebook accounts, publishing ‘wanted’ posters and creating false allegations about them and posting them on-line.

However, despite his ‘fcuk you’ attitude and lack of remorse he has-once again- got away with no prison…I wonder why?
Perhaps the entry ‘public schoolboy’ is the big clue… I watched him on TV the other day… he certainly lived up to his write up… twat.

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