Prisons not nice places to go…

Apparently, prisons aren’t nice places to be (if you are a prisoner I mean- although it’s not too nice for the screws either)… The cells are dirty and the prison officers are nasty to the poor convicts…

Here’s a couple of Shijuro hints to help…

1.clean your cell yourself you Fcuking shanks…
2. Don’t go to prison in the first place…

I’ve heard it all now…

I loved the dm article about the  ‘funniest  injuries to the police’…

They are truly the biggest load of slime this side of the  pre-cambrian…

Complaint submitted…


25 responses to “Prisons not nice places to go…

  1. Dear Shij
    You have to stop reading that rag. The Gaurdian is the one for you now that you are a professional. The red tops are okay for blue collar workers but not true professionals.


    I swear this is how they get their stories.

    As for the online version, well that’s just a peado/voyeurs hangout.

    I’d rather go blind than read that rightwingxenophobicpisspoorexuseforanewspaper.

  3. They changed the article, but not the tab title nor the URL. Shame really else I’d have got a lovely screen cap of that.

    It worries me that the ‘funny’ injuries involves numerous injuries that required hospital treatment. Oh well, the entire tone of the article was horrendous, made for an easy critique.

  4. Prison can’t be that bad.I keep arresting the same people over and over again and it’s not putting them off.

  5. I see the bureau of stupid ideas ltd/acpoo still has life.
    Acpo issues ‘drunk tanks’ call to tackle disorder

    Hmmmmmm, running a detention centre for profit,what could possibly go wrong???
    Whilst DM readers will love the idea , the reality will be unpleasant, unsafe and a guaranteed way of dying in private detention.
    Anyone whose worked/detained and looked after drunk people know that
    1. you wish they were in hospital
    2. they are too violent for hospital
    3 theres a good chance that they will end up at hospital
    4 swearing/shouting and threats are the only means of communication from either party.
    4. No one above the rank of sgt will ever lift a finger to help

  6. Coput, How True. ‘Borrowed’.

  7. Having worked in a famous south west London jail that worked cos of its famous way until the guardian types believed the criminals and not the staff! It worked even if the sentencing by judiciary didn’t lol

  8. Personally I can’t wait to see the projected costs (profit)for the likes of g4s running a drunk tank. after the first weekend ,like every other ‘partnership’, it will the cops plugging the holes/failures and keeping the wheel on, whilst the acpoo ranks get on the boards and government claim it a success, whilst more cash is siphoned out of the public purse and we are left even more ragged but still politically correct/smiling and wearing pisspoor uniform,second rate kit and paying our own medical expenses for injuries on duty.
    Won’t see any supernintendo ranks in custody fighting with detainees or cleaning up piss and vomt before the next client arrives trough the door……..far too busy spreading misery and discontent ,whilst managing by email and leading from the armchair at the end of a phoneline.


  9. Too true WD, and I think it answers BE’s question as to why this idea is pants.

    on a different note:
    Mark Duggan jury to hear ‘evidence’ gun was ‘planted’ at death scene

    in the court of balance of probabilities and make believe the truth is whatever you want it to be.

    and I see PCC’s have taken up setting targets and performance indicators, cutting bureaucracy and red tape should never get in the way of securing a second term at the trough.

    • It still doesn’t address the question why should police resources be used on the welfare of people who by their own negligence have rendered themselves unfit to look after themselves.

      • I know where your coming from BE, but if w don’t ,nobody will.
        Anyway with crime falling and all that jazz, it’s not like we’ve got anything better to do,like. 🙂

        • Okay well I am sure that your motivations on this are admirable but it isn’t your job to look after sick people. That rests with the NHS. People who are drunk are people who have rendered themselves temporarily but nevertheless profoundly unwell. In that state they become a risk to themselves and others, if their behaviour crosses the line into criminal conduct then you are stuck with them. I can’t understand why police officers would not think that this is a good idea. Whether in practice it would work is another issue but unless it is tried we will never know. Put another way why should I see the taxes that I pay (and most willingly) for police services being used for health services?

  10. I can see privately-run ‘drunk tanks’ going the same way as mental health units – won’t deal with them until they’re sober.

  11. There was provision for drunk tanks in the Criminal Justice Scotland Act 1980. It never happened. Why? I’d guess cost for one. Then the fact that once you look at what is involved in caring for drunks you see that it isn’t that simple. First aid trained staff. Securing personal possessions. Etc, etc.

    A study looked at Australian centres. One had a staff ratio of 3 staff to a max 5 clients. Dream on. No police station often had those staffing levels. Unless the centres are run by volunteers there will be big staff costs. If volunteers (would you do it) then there are issues of training and liability. More at

  12. My thoughts and prayers are with the officer.

  13. 10 miserable years to go

    Hope the officer pulls through this ok. My thoughts are with him and his family.

    Prisons? “you dont like prison? Well boo-hoo don’t go stealing old men’s war medals then” DCI Gene Hunt.

  14. Well he did what Shij has done and is now teaching although youndontnneed much brain to teach games.

  15. Well I meant games like footie and rounders not computer games.

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