Chamois? Where art thou?

Police in China dealing with a road rage incident diffused the situation by…err…killing the angry bloke. Well…that’s what the DM would have you think…but reading on it seems “road rage” was somewhat disingenuous as the driver Had stabbed two others-killing them. A third victim is fighting for his life… An enquiry has been ordered into the police action.  One officer told local media: ‘He broke the law and resisted arrest, it is unlikely that much more can be said other than that.’We are mainly going to be concerned in identifying him and finding out what prompted him to attack the other drivers rather than investigating – the police were only doing their job.’ I love the Chinese gaffer’s comments that the enquiry was mainly about the man that went mad and attacked people with a knife… Of course “enquiry” in the uk is more about putting police officers in prison… Interesting note: one taser could have stopped this incident and the man would be alive… The Chinese cops clearly didn’t fancy going hand to hand with this man- batons are fine but they need to be used up close…they didn’t want to kill him…that’s obvious as they could have shot him. I support the routine arming of all front line officers…a at the very least we should have taser. Read more:


9 responses to “Chamois? Where art thou?

  1. Love the Mail’s “Sorry, we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons”, when really they mean “Sorry, we’re not accepting comments because we don’t want people pointing out we’re talking bolleaux”.

  2. I really don’t understand why people buy that p.o.s.
    On a slight tangent, I see mien Fuhrer Grayling is harping on about what a great idea paying private firms would be for probationary services.
    Begs the question, if crimes falling year on year, why the rush?

    The gravy train is ploughing into the house of cards.

    There is a dark, shrivelled evil part of me, that rather admires the way this bunch of soulless ‘honourable’ folk have manipulated/divided/manufactured and conspired to turn half truths/lies into facts and shameful dogma into policy, whilst raping the public sector and rewarding their private partners.

    Community sentences only work for those of us engaged in the communities, you know, wife,kids, mortgage, job etc etc. …
    if you want me to stop reoffending, stop letting them out so quickly.

  3. I expect there’ll be a DM story soon about police shooting a man in a wheelchair in Bristol. The fact his disability didn’t prevent him aiming and firing a shotgun at them won’t be mentioned!


    why do we bother.
    if he’d mowed anyone down, I guarantee the outcry would be even worse.
    no sympathy, no empathy.
    clocking off

    • 10 miserable years to go

      He was a “lovable rogue” roughly translated means he was a theiving slag. So basically he had stolen the car, made off from police, didn’t have his lights on, managed to get away then stoved the car into a wall. How is that the fault of the police. Perhaps if he had learnt to drive properly or even better still hadn’t stolen the car he might still be alive. Better he killed himself than one of us or an innocent member of the public.

  5. Surely shooting him in the leg was pretty pointless! What about deploying stinger?

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