Missing people and the blame game…

So…in the euphoria surrounding the discovery of the ladies in Ohio…the beeb are, predictably, blaming the cops for not finding them sooner … funny…the American press isn’t… neither are the missing and found ladies… in fact their first instinct was to call the police…not the media.

This does show graphically the main difference between us and then over the water…they support their cops…we see ours as oppressors…a government tax collector, a bunch of thugs and with tasers and answerable to no-one…

Missing people…real missing people, not Chardonnay-Champagne or Logan-Justin resident of the local children’s home…I mean people that go missing out of character are VERY scary.

They are ordinary people… their families are confused, scared, desperate… we normally stop everything to find them…every hour that passes is vital… so when I hear about cases that have gone on for years, I have a sinking feeling…

Imagine if that had happened here?

The sound of the press sharpening their knives…could be heard in New Zealand…


20 responses to “Missing people and the blame game…

  1. It’s because our SMT and/or Fed don’t make any defence against any press criticism. More than their next promotion is worth. Instead, they agree sagely and trot out the well-rehearsed “lessons will be learnt” mantra. easy therefore to always point the finger at the police, leads to lazy journalism.

    I remember a recent story where a response car was approached by a drunk female in a town centre who asked for a lift home. They refused and she later got murdered. All blamed on the police of course – ‘if only they’d had the sense to help a vulnerable female…’. Not the family members who had left her in town and made their way home. Terribly tragic, of course. But we all know that if they had given this girl a lift home, and a different victim was targeted in the town, the question would have been, “Where were the police – 5 miles away, giving a pretty girl a lift home! I wonder how hard it was for them to decide to abandon the busy town and provide a taxi for a girl?” etc.

    That’s the problem of the police – EVERY decision you make can be criticised by someone, no matter how bad, or how good the outcome happens to be.

    It’s right and proper that we’re held to account, of course. But it’s one way these days. Over here, any decisions that go bandy aren’t given any support by SMT. Over there, it’s a bit different. This had led to the constant press diatribe that we suffer today.

  2. Brief Encounter

    Ah yes but if you look in the small print you will notice that posting twice before anyone else cancels it out. Go to the back of the queue!

  3. BE, I was playing the first game with IG before you retired from the job mucker – don’t deign to school me in the ways of ‘The Game’! I’m keeping me star 😉

    • 10 miserable years to go

      I salute you sir. That star was won fair and square whilst I was taking a nap.

      • Brief Encounter

        I concur. PE is worthy of the accolade of being the first and the second the fourth. The first shall be last and the last shall be first which means that 10 mytg was first until I was the last so I am now the first whereas PE is somewhere else. Sounds silly, yes it is but if it makes PE a star then let him continue to play.

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    Dont worry SP just put some more dough on the hook and toss it back into the swim. PE arrived late on this blog and wants to be first maybe the ed presumeth too much?

  5. scarletpimple

    In 1957, accordingly recorded and noted on a fancy certificate provided by Hendon Driving School which I still have. Yours truly passed a Motor Cycle Course qualifying in mechanical theory and riding practice. Since that time I have always had a ‘bike’. In fact I have had a motor cycle licence since I was sixteen, my only break from riding was when in the forces in the far east for a few years or so.
    Apart from the Jobs bikes ridden, I have owned…………….
    Norton’s, BSA’s,Velocettes,Triumphs, a lone Matchless, an AJS, a Rudge,
    a Panther Combination, a glorious three years with a Vincent and finally in 2002 a BSA A7 SS and a Royal Enfield 500. Last year I sold the BSA but kept the Enfield, hanging onto it by the fingernails. It was my last connection with burning rubber and the smell of Castrol R.
    But time always wins.
    The Enfield has gone, bought by a young whipper snapper aged fifty three.
    who told me his grandad had one like it back in the day.
    So my family will not have to keep hiding the bike keys to stop me taking a spin through the deserted lanes, my middle aged son, will not have to remark that I am getting a little old for leathers and crash hats.
    So ‘She’ has gone and I am left ‘afoot’, no longer able to grab a handful of throttle and a disappear over the hill and out of the sight of those poor souls who never experienced the wind in their face and a mouthful of insects. The throb of an English Classic 500 thumping away mile after mile, will now be a memory along with my hair, half my teeth and my ability and inclination to ‘pull’ the occasional ‘bird’
    Tempus fugit.

    • Still on a twin…but I don’t do British bikes …as I prefer to ride rather than push…

    • scarletpimple

      Sorry, there I am wandering off again, what have motorbikes to do with Missing Persons or The First game?
      Just got back from walking The Dog, and I claim being the first on this blog today, to witness a Roe Deer Buck have a pee within ten yards of me, then giving me a long look before bounding off barking as he went.
      So there!

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    Yeap definitely first to blog on that subject.. I like the 1st game, never been 1st but so what.

  7. Brief Encounter

    Come on PE. You fallen asleep or are you just waiting to be 1st on the next thread?

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