Open season…

…on Police…

I love the fact that the Police are now ‘in the frame’ for Jimmy Saville’s alleged (note alleged…it’s not been tested in court …ahem..) abusive behaviour… Given the fact that the Beeb obviously knew a lot more than they let on about his behaviour and the criticism they have received over this sorry affair-it seems inevitable they would seek to try to share the blame. The police are so hated by the ‘government’ and media these days, it was a no brainer who would be chosen.

For me it was, of course, inevitable that we were going to get the blame…we get the blame for pretty much anything the media can find these days…

When you see ‘cops investigated for shooting a man in a wheelchair…’ scary. Evil cops should presumably have allowed the man to shoot a couple of them with the shotgun he held and pointed at them?

Cops are even not beneath oppressing children too… telling a child off for drawing a hop scotch thing on the pavement… causing her so much trauma she cant play outside now… (£!) Despite the known facts that children make up stuff…and the trackable panda cars were not shown anywhere near the house at the time, added to the the facts no other people witnessed it…the media and the rest of the police haters have made up their mind who to believe…

MPs clearly think they are under attack from the Police over the expenses scandal… The Torygraph has a couple of expenses scandal stories that show how hypocritical MPs actually are.

One MP having been caught out FRAUDULENTLY taking OUR money and asked to give it back (instead of being arrested, imprisoned, loosing pension etc) has the Blackpool sized front to REFUSE!!!

Denis (the menace) Macshane is back on the police hit list for all sorts of expenses naughtiness... and when you see how much MPs are actually doing us all for and at the same time, reducing my salary, pension etc… it really grates.


3 responses to “Open season…

  1. The hop scotch thing happened in my county – Kent and local news today showed that the officer concerned has been identified and “spoken to” and he is going to visit and make a “personal apology” to the girl and her father.
    Doesn’t alter your general point about police being to blame for everything of course.

  2. Dear God, we don’t help ourselves though, do we?

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