See nothing, say nothing… but read the next days newspaper…

That was the old saying about city life…

The stepfather of a 15-year-old schoolgirl, no doubt is thinking of the implications of this saying … He has criticised commuters for failing to help when she was attacked by a drunken woman on a train.

May Rubery, 15, was physically and verbally assaulted for almost ten minutes on the rail journey in Lancashire.

She was on a packed rush-hour train from Blackburn to Clitheroe when she was confronted by Yvonne Maynard, 51.

Maynard pulled the girl’s hair, dragged her nails down her back and shouted abuse for eight minutes.

But May’s stepfather Paul Barlow says commuters in the same carriage did nothing to stop the attack or come to her aid – and just ‘hid behind their papers’.

May Rubery with her stepfather Paul BarlowAngry: May Rubery, 15, who was assaulted on a train, pictured with her stepfather Paul Barlow. He has criticised commuters for failing to come to the aid of his daughter

‘There are no Good Samaritans left,’ he said. ‘You would think people would stand up and say something to her, at least take her attention away from the child.’

Easy to say mate… but most people are just too scared to intervene…

I can understand that-I have a radio, stick, CS and armour-most members of the public don’t…

I have intervened off-duty on a couple of occasions… and it went ok.

I think the other reason people are dis-inclined to become involved is the fear of prosecution…

The me-me-me-ja hasn’t really helped with this misconception. Most cases where people have intervened to stop others being attacked simply don’t go to court. There are a few that do, but they are usually extremes…where people have been killed.

Tony Martin was a classic example of this … he was a victim of burglary-true. But shooting people in the back while running away is a non-starter…

I hope the young lady is ok… and she stays focused on the fact it is VERY rare to be attacked these days…

3 responses to “See nothing, say nothing… but read the next days newspaper…

  1. Anyone know why was she ‘confronted’ by a 51 year old female?

  2. Yes, I thought that too. (The piss taking, not the old-fashioned-ness) 🙂

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