How mental is this?

‘These people are not criminals,’ says home affairs committee chairman Keith Vaz of the more than 6,000 detained last year…

Yeah Keith…just remind me again…who shut 80% of the mental health provision in our country? (point 1)


Now there are plans for officers (god knows where they will be found from) to accompany the few mental health professionals left out there in the world, in order to provide ‘triage’ to potential patients.

Where they go after that appears to be a mystery…(see point 1).

Well, they won’t be going to police stations if MPs have their way and I don’t want them there either…unless they’ve committed crimes.

…and that’s the rub, because orders can’t be made for treatment without arrest and court process…

Not counting the orders that the mental health teams apply for independently but there aren’t many of them – because …we don’t have that many..(see point 1).

Anyway… I’m off to work now.. those cherry picked crimes won’t get cherry picked by themselves!


5 responses to “How mental is this?

  1. XX Now there are plans for officers…….. in order to provide ‘triage’ to potential patients.XX

    So, Police are now meant to be medically trained Pramedics as well?

    “Triage” here needs a full on Pramedic training. The next step in qualifications is doctor, and the U.K want beat coppers to do this?

    What will the scum bag media, or the insurance companys say, when it goes wrong, bacause someone fresh out of Bruche PTC make a wrong call?

    It is the Westminster dictaorship that are in need of a bit of “Triage.” (And perhaps a couple of full labotomys, if the surgeons can actualy find anything to take out.)

  2. Less mentally ill people in cells and more politicians would make me very happy.

  3. But how could you tell the difference?

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