How much do they hate us?

I see the Beeb are back to hating us again… no doubt at the request of their puppet masters in Downing Street…

An article that has to be seen to be believed appeared on their webpage today… it is truly disgusting- considering the media types involved…

“Do police believe they are above the law?”, whines Danny Shaw…and goes on to list some things the police have to oppress the poor masses: TASER, guns etc (conveniently forgetting that 99% of officers have neither…)… how we can intercept communications etc…

Sure we can… with the Home Secretary’s permission!

Of course, like most journos, he lets the cat out of the bag quite quickly of his REAL issue with the cops… we locked up his mates because the were hacking other people’s ‘phones -including a certain murdered teenager…

So…with the media and the gov happy to be on the same side for a change- expect more of the same boys and girls…even more because as we slowly disappear- we will be doing more and more…


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