Leave it out…

Like most forces, we have a little bit of an issue with minimum manning at the moment… this creates a few problems:

The main ones we know about… the lack of officers to deal with jobs forcing us to put out cars single-manned, despite the current security situation; jobs that would be dealt with in detail and with great care- now have to be rushed- as other people are waiting for your precious time; the investigation team is now so time-pressured we have to make much hard decisions about how we use that time- occasionally, we have to walk away from some …

Then we have leave…

When officers (and civvies) are under this kind pressure, their time away from the job is precious … so, to have it refused because we are undermanned is frustrating…

… but when you are ALREADY below minimum manning before you send it off to admin is even more frustrating.

But hey … it’s OK…


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