Bunch of old moaners…

police officers in high viz jackets

‘I got a complaint once for not wearing my hat…’ ‘In public?’ ‘nahh… in the canteen…’

Complaints against the police are up…apparently…despite crime being down…

IPCC Dame Anne said: “The IPCC has always been concerned about this, as we consider that it is an in-force review, not an independent appeal”

Uncharacteristically, Ch Supt Gavin Thomas, vice president of the Police Superintendents Association, told BBC Radio 5 live  “We’ve got 35,000 fewer people in the police service since 2010, yet we’re dealing with more complexity and more demand than ever before.

“So I suppose, in a way, I welcome this because what it does is indicate that we are starting to see a service that is starting to creak under the pressure.”

“You can always tell when a politician is lying…his lips move…” Mark Twain

That’s Supernintendo speak for ‘less officers equals less service equals more frustration…’

Of course ‘Kittens’ is waiting for this… she doesn’t need much of an excuse to twist the knife-but this is a gift- to send her external private hit squad in to knock the evil Police into shape…

The other thorn in her side is that the results of the victims of crime independent survey into confidence in the police showed a 2% rise on 2006-07… It’s now at 89% …compared to the all time low for politicians… 13%  the worst MPs have recorded in the poll’s 26-year history…

82% think they do not tell the truth… lol


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