Just when you think you’ve heard it all…along comes a story that has to bee seen to bee bee-lieved…

An elite firearms officer-without bees…

Hives and beekeeping suits are thought to have been funded by the police force

an elite firearms officer with some bees…

The club was  launched in line with Boris Johnson’s initiatives on ‘strategies and biodiversity’

He said: ‘Members wear protective clothing and gloves at all times and are briefed about risks before they take part in activities.’

They said there were no records of officers being stung by bees in the club.

Ignoring the obvious that being stung in the club by a bee is something we should all try to avoid… I just love this story… gave me a real buzz…..

Hives and beekeeping suits have been funded by the Metropolitan Police Service 

a bee spokes-person earlier today

A spokesperson for the bees in question said, “well, I normally leave all the decisions to the queen but since you’ve asked… I don’t think its very honey at all… I mean may-bee the people that thought this up are hiving a laugh or something, but they cops should bee out making people bee-live not messing about with my sisters!”

2 responses to “Bees…

  1. Thought tey had disbanded the Bee specials years ago?

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