Ipcc handing out leaflets to crowds at a football game to ask for more fans to help them fcuk the police…

I don’t see anyone handing out leaflets about the expenses frauds the sun in the house committed…


6 responses to “Wtf….

  1. Can anyone expand on what this is about? First I’ve heard of it.

  2. ‘Not internet-savvy’? In Merseyside?!

  3. Eastlondonmetatthemo

    On a slightly different note IPCC stated that they were keeping an open mind but believe there was a case to answer for charging of gross misconduct. Etc in the death in custody case in Bedfordshire! So much for impartiality

  4. Well congratulations Shij, I was about to say that you are George Dixon who is dead but you have proved that you are alive.

    Was prosecuting today, track record so far is 4 out of five – not bad.

  5. 5 out of 6 now!

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