What’s the point of the ipcc?

Just a question… As they don’t seem to know their arse from their elbow…

The only thing more odious than the ‘not very independent cop complaint crapheads’…

…is that toad Vaz… A man with more front than Blackpool….


6 responses to “What’s the point of the ipcc?

  1. I am not at all impressed with the performance of the three Fed Officers who appeared before Mr Vaz’s committee, however I was a little sickened by his closing comments, having recently read the details of his own history.
    His own past actions do not exactly show him to be a person with altruiistic leanings, in fact I find him to be just a little too smooth. His words so precisely and carefully articulated, slide like golden syrup off the bowl of a dessert spoon.
    No Mr. Vaz, I would not buy a secondhand car from you.

  2. I don’t have a probem with the ipcc, when it fulfils its role and doesn’t pander/progress an agenda.
    INDEPENDANT………..the clues in the name.
    stuff the police,stuff politics and stuff the public. Report the facts and pass judgement on evidence , not hearsay, occams razor and the assumption of guilty till proven otherwise.
    Most failings result in charges against persons of the rank of Pc and Sgt, yet there is never an investigation into the systems,policies staffing etc etc that allowed that failing to happen.
    Cops on st, in custody and leading investigations are stretched and breaking on a regular basis, sickness,stress and workload are leading to corners being cut with senior management directing policy and procedure that flies in the face of common sense, PACE etc. They bully badger harass on a daily basis and should something go wrong are happy to stand back and allow the sheep to be thrown to the wolves……………
    it is time the ipcc looked beyond its nose. With deaths in custody, assaults,shootings etc etc looked up the ranks at the management and corporate failures and spit roasted a few of those wearing crisp white shirts, shiney arses,nice buttons and with lots of shiney shiney sh£t on their shoulders.
    ……………….like that’ll happen.

    lessons will be learned, except they won’t and are’nt

  3. Well said, Wavey, very well said.

  4. on the ball WD.

    slightly off topic, but how come CaMORON comes out singing the praise of the marines following the shooting of a Taliban insurgent (no loss to humanity) , with praise/few bad apples etc etc.
    BUT when it comes to cops slapping someone, a nurse/doctor falling short a over worked teacher/social worker fallig short of the mark, we get slated, sold off, retrained, branded all as liars, thieves,thugs???????????

    Guess you really don’t want to pee off those with guns and ammo

  5. The odious Mr. Vaz was having a field day with those chumps from the Federation. I will be very suprised if they aren’t looking for a new job by this time next year.

    Played a dirty game and got caught, I fear.

    Their actions and those (it may transpire) of the officers originally involved in the Plebgate saga shames all honest police officers by association – which is grossly unfair. 99.999999% of cops are scrupulously honest, fair minded and would not dream of such shennanigans… A few rotten apples etc.

    On the facts, so far as they are known, these are very murky waters indeed.

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