Officer down…

An officer chasingĀ  burglary suspect had gone through a roof in Bristol… He’s not very well at the moment with serious head injuries…

Our thoughts are with him…


5 responses to “Officer down…

  1. I’ve heard that he’s now awake and talking to people which is obviously a good sign.
    Getting up on rooftops is always an extreme risk but when you’re high on adrenaline and chasing suspects it’s hard not to go for it.

    Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

  2. Just a shame Billy Burglar didn’t fall through it.

  3. I wish the officer a speedy recovery, and hope that he does not suffer any long term hurt. As ‘Allcars’ says, this is the danger of the chase, and no amount of warnings over time will stop the instant pursuit, when the blood is up.

  4. Best wishes for a full, speedy recovery.

    • I remember being very unpopular after ordering some members of my team off a roof. It really isn’t worth it, so he gets away so what. I don’t blame the lads for wanting to chase a thief but you have to be firm and protect them from the outcome of their over zealousness.


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