Just watched with some humour the Beeb interviewing the director of SOCA…

“so basically …organised crime is getting away with it…”


The people want us to get tough with them…apparently…

…news to me… last week they wanted stop and search to be…err…stopped…

so… as Hughie Green might have said…

“it’s make your mind up time!”


99 responses to “ bad…

  1. “The people…”

    Which ‘people’ are we talking about here? The real man on the street or the Common Purpose stooges that the Beeb and the progressive media never stop interviewing and quoting?

  2. Brief Encounter

    Possibly the most unimpressive launch of anything and a suggestion from the video clip that whoever they arrest will be subject to a hard stop. That said I wish them well.

  3. Launch its just a re hash if the same rubbish. It’s staffed by people who couldn’t get in the job. There poorly paid and have had so much smoke blown up there arse the ones I met honestly beleive it. One introduced himself as a British FBI agent.

  4. Great acronym though… after NSIS ‘Ensis’ and NSPIS ‘Enspiss’.. we bring you… tadaaaaah! NCA… “Knacker” – just as Private Eye has always called us.

    Best acronym since UANC? .

  5. XX Just watched with some humour the Beeb interviewing the director of SOCA…XX

    Beeb….the same arseholes that were so instrumental in getting rid of “SUS”….. Along with a few others, such as, as I remember, The Mail” and “The Express.”?

  6. well that didn’t work……………
    a bit like this rehash of soca/Sweeney/rcs etc,

    anyway was SWANT from viz….

    having seen the ‘ard stop on stationary car…………

    I genuinely wish them well.
    but with slashed budgets and I.T. and forensics outdated and outsourced, I see less FBI and more fubar

  7. So they’ll be going into the really well-organised crime cartels and ending their operation ?
    Naahh….the banks won’t allow them through the doors.

  8. So, to cut to the chase, am I to understand that the various alleged law enforcement agencies, which are currently interfering with normal police work. Have all been issued with new acronyms, which will in turn create employment for those engaged in printing letterheads, designing logos, and making T Shirts. There will also be increased employment in HR whilst arrangments are made for current staff to re apply for the vacancies which arise when they are replaced.
    Or have I completely lost the plot .

  9. Can’t spell me own moniker! Ha! Doobingle.

  10. Doorbungle…That’s more like it…BTW I looked on NCA website ref. recruitment. Directed to Civil Service Jobs….Searched ….No Jobs advertised.

    • Doepringle old fruit, I checked the Civil Service Jobs, as you say, there are none advertised. What does this mean? Is it that all the previous employees of the aforementioned departments did not really exsist but were only there on paper, or do they exsist but are multiple personalities.
      Are they in fact a special department that moves around changing it’s name and acronym to suit whichever job need filling. They could number but a few and still be drawing the pay for many. I thinkBE should look into this Haebius whotsit and all that.

      • Bugger!
        I meant ‘exist’ and ‘habeas’ . I keep making errors ever since I was thrown off balance by seeing the wonder of Tom Winsor’s wardrobe.

  11. Blief Enfloncer

    What should be of more concern to us all is that the Home Sec is talking about abandoning Human Rights Laws. These protect us all in many ways although of course we only hear about the high profile cases. That this government would consider such a thing is worrying. Will the suspension of Habeas Corpus be next?

    • BE.
      So you at last come out of the closet. I having known you man and boy, even pre-Gadget, have often suspected that you were an ‘Enfloncer’.
      I of course would not dream of questioning your ‘bliefs’ but I am concerned that there may well be a future conflict between you’ Enfloncing’ and your recent elevation to The Bar. May I ask, is it your intention to hand in your ‘Enfloncing Licence’ or are you to continue to be active both at the Bar and in the ‘Enfloncing Pit’.

      • STOP PRESS
        HMIC have just announced that Tom Winsor will be attending the annual Enfloncing Gala which is to be held at Bramshill and will be the last official engagment prior to it’s sale. A spokeman has said that Mr Winsor will be wearing his full Enfloncing Regalia as a mark of his respect and it should not be confused with the uniform of any police force past or present, even accepting the similarity is controversial.

        • Nearly a Counsel Worker

          He won’t get in, he needs to provide proof of having stormed out of IG’s Blog on at least two occasions.

  12. Brief Encounter

    Dear SP
    I was about to order some more Jollop but I suspect that you may have drunk it all in one go? I just did some misspelling to show support for Dooebundle.

    No I have to choose what I am and in my book once I have been elevated I will cease to be a Solicitor. I will from that day forth be a Barrister at Law and I suppose since both have been fused, at Equity as well,.

    Talking of Uniforms I see that the security guards at Canary Wharf now wear flat hats with diced bands making them look at first glance like regular police officers.

  13. BE…Thanks for your support… Dungbeetle……

  14. Nearly a Counsel Worker

    I have always had a lot of time for the dung beetle. He knows his job, there is plenty of dung about and all that he has to do is to push it along. Chambers have just sent me the proof of my business card and I am reliably informed that there is a little man somewhere painting my name onto a strip of wood to be inserted into the board outside. If it were not for a general tendency towards melancholia I might allow myself to be just a little proud but I did allow myself a momentary wisp of happiness.

    • BE
      Suffice it to say that, having communicated with you, in another medium, even before the time of blog, I take a vicarious pride in your elevation.
      I shall be writing to your head of chambers to enquire as to why your name plate is painted on wood. I feel you are entitled to a brass engraved plate
      in keeping with your status. By the way, I have written (elsewhere) an item which, on reflection, may have been a little indiscreet, so stand at the ready
      as I may possibly require your professional services, mates rates of course.

      • BE
        Stand down Old Bean, I am led to believe my humble scribbling elsewhere is not likely after all to lead to incarceration. I am told I can plead senile decay and membership of UKIP as the cause for my literary outburst . So to paraphrase Nosey Wellington, ‘ We can publish and be damned’, and I probably will be.

      • I never really liked solicitors

        Its tradition to have your name on a wooden slat board at the front door of Chambers.

  15. Congratulations BE…

    Can I have a flat white, with an extra shot please?


  16. Re: Brief Encounter’s remark about security in police-esque caps. There is now a fad amongst cyclists to wear blatantly policey hi-viz waistcoats with “POLITE” on the back. Needs must, when the devil vomits into your kettle.

  17. I never really liked solicitors

    I wonder what the RSPCA will make of the man on the video clip throwing the cat on the floor?

    As usual I really cant fathom you Lance.

  18. They sought it with thimbles, they sought it with care;
    They pursued it with forks and hope;
    They threatened its life with a railway-share;
    They charmed it with smiles and soap.
    But the Barrister, weary of proving in vain
    That the Beaver’s lace-making was wrong,
    Fell asleep, and in dreams saw the creature quite plain
    That his fancy had dwelt on so long.

    He dreamed that he stood in a shadowy Court,
    Where the Snark, with a glass in its eye,
    Dressed in gown, bands, and wig, was defending a pig
    On the charge of deserting its sty.

    The Witnesses proved, without error or flaw,
    That the sty was deserted when found:
    And the Judge kept explaining the state of the law
    In a soft under-current of sound.

    The indictment had never been clearly expressed,
    And it seemed that the Snark had begun,
    And had spoken three hours, before any one guessed
    What the pig was supposed to have done.

    The Jury had each formed a different view
    (Long before the indictment was read),
    And they all spoke at once, so that none of them knew
    One word that the others had said.

    “You must know—” said the Judge: but the Snark exclaimed “Fudge!”
    That statute is obsolete quite!
    Let me tell you, my friends, the whole question depends
    On an ancient manorial right.

    “In the matter of Treason the pig would appear
    To have aided, but scarcely abetted:
    While the charge of Insolvency fails, it is clear,
    If you grant the plea ‘never indebted’.

    “The fact of Desertion I will not dispute:
    But its guilt, as I trust, is removed
    (So far as relates to the costs of this suit)
    By the Alibi which has been proved.

    “My poor client’s fate now depends on your votes.”
    Here the speaker sat down in his place,
    And directed the Judge to refer to his notes
    And briefly to sum up the case.

    But the Judge said he never had summed up before;
    So the Snark undertook it instead,
    And summed it so well that it came to far more
    Than the Witnesses ever had said!

    When the verdict was called for, the Jury declined,
    As the word was so puzzling to spell;
    But they ventured to hope that the Snark wouldn’t mind
    Undertaking that duty as well.

    So the Snark found the verdict, although, as it owned,
    It was spent with the toils of the day:
    When it said the word “GUILTY!” the Jury all groaned
    And some of them fainted away.

    Then the Snark pronounced sentence, the Judge being quite
    Too nervous to utter a word:
    When it rose to its feet, there was silence like night,
    And the fall of a pin might be heard.

    “Transportation for life” was the sentence it gave,
    “And then to be fined forty pound.”
    The Jury all cheered, though the Judge said he feared
    That the phrase was not legally sound.

    But their wild exultation was suddenly checked
    When the jailer informed them, with tears,
    Such a sentence would not have the slightest effect,
    As the pig had been dead for some years.

    The Judge left the Court, looking deeply disgusted
    But the Snark, though a little aghast,
    As the lawyer to whom the defence was intrusted,
    Went bellowing on to the last.

    Thus the Barrister dreamed, while the bellowing seemed
    To grow every moment more clear:
    Till he woke to the knell of a furious bell,
    Which the Bellman rang close at his ear.
    © Lewis Carroll. All rights reserved, 137 years ago

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    • Shijuro.
      Sorry about that, I was attempting to enlighten BE’s day with a little Lewis Carroll but my computer suddenly went ‘Ape’ with the above result.
      As a penance I will abstain from any further comment today if you in return remove the entry. My PC is ten years old, it looks as though I shall have to update it before it marches on Poland.

  19. Brief Encounter

    I’m totally confused now!

    I heard a friend’s closing speech in a case not so long ago. I suspect tha he may have had an uphill battle. He started off as we so often do speaking up our wonderful CJS and how it had not always been like that. Trial by battle, trial by ordeal, ducking witches etc etc until to my astonishment he wheeled out the Hartlepool Monkey. Monkey arrives on the shore on a plank, probably from a shipwreck during the Napoleonic era. The good folk of Hartlepool thought it was a French spy and hanged it. At this point I absented myself from the courtroom. Where did he go next? Maybe he went Snark hunting, anywhere rather than confront why his Client’s fingerprints were where they had been found.

  20. Brief Encounter


    Wake up please it isn’t half term yet.

    I’m beginning to think that you are turning into George Dixon as you are only on once a week.

  21. Stop and search holds no fear for SOCA’s intended targets, since they may be criminals but are neither serious nor organised.

  22. It seems that there are times when it is prudent to say little and to keep your head below the parapet. One by one, the good and the great, ooze onto the TV screens, and prodded along by Paxo, have their say. Of course they all knew it was a ‘fit up’, the whole police service is plotting to overthrow government, they are all corrupt. Meanwhile, ‘Plod’ does his job, licks his wounds, tightens his belt and scrapes some more human detritis off the the wall.
    Was it only a week or so ago that they were speaking of heroes? now it’s plotters and schemers.So once again the many are to be dragged down by the few, and again the many good deeds are washed away on a tide of righteous indignation. A short time ago many were juggling their expenses, now that’s forgotten as they huff and puff as they wield the tar brush.

  23. SP….Well said, the voice of experience.
    And so the vast majority of service takes a deep breath, remains calm and carries on.
    While the wheel turns……..As a sometime time Sgt of mine said…”Don’t worry, they’ll come again, son”……..
    (I borrowed your comment too).

  24. One Time Special

    Of course, we are hearing much about the supposed sins of plod….I am interested to note that, among my familiars, the general response has been “whether or not he said pleb isn’t the point, what is the point is that he has admitted swearing at the police…………….”…quite so, Heads up ladies and gentlemen, there are good people out there who support you, not Mitchell and his ilk

    • That’s it really, isn’t it?
      The ‘Honourable’ Gentleman’s Anglo Saxon outburst, which he admits to and has apologised for, now goes ignored, whilst the pundits scribble in the press and politicians hold forth on TV.
      The bit that gets to me is those sanctimonious individuals in the Palace of Westminster, who only yesterday were claiming for the cost of ‘Dog Food’ and ‘Cornplasters’ whilst comuting from their second homes decorated at our expense.
      The much quoted point now being made at every opportunity is ‘ If they can do this to a cabinet minister, what chance does a youngster on the street have’.
      Every idiot who ever received a traffic summons or was stopped by police, is now having his say. The sacrifice and acts of kindness are forgotten. All Coppers are Bastards as we all know.
      Until of course we need them to sort out our problems and clean up our mess.

    • OTS, unfortunately, not many of them own media empires, are captains of industry or vote with their conscious and not their appetite for power, poplarity or pennies.
      We have a house of commons full of Judas’s and leadership who ‘were only following orders’
      On a slight tangent ,a while ago my PCC announced that he wasn’t going to reduce new recruit starting salaries. He lied/misled/failed to update.
      It’s grimmmmmmmmmmmmm upth North

      We learn nothing

  25. Brief Encounter

    This morning on Breakfast they were discussing the Minister for Equality who had to stand up in the house as there was no room for her to sit. On the settee was a sensible lady who pointed out that women were now reaping the rewards of equality in that men no longer offered them their seat. Maybe the honourable gentlemen feared a ticking off. Society is now reaping the rewards of years of attacking the police by having a force which won’t use force for fear of being prosecuted or sued.

  26. Come on Shij,you finish work every day at 3.30 and have 3 months off a year,surely you have time for a new post?

  27. Brief Encounter

    I suspect that he would like to quit and who can blame him. He is no longer wearing the cloth and has started a new career which in the early stages will take up most of his time. It is a pity that one of us could not create a blog perhaps more for police pensioners than serving officers. The likes of SP and myself derive much pleasure from wittering on and swinging the blue lamp. I am still working though and could not commit the time as I would go missing for long periods of time mid trial. Is there not someone who could start a Brotherhood of the Blue Lamp blog?

    • BE
      I see there’s a five star general , two water birds two dominions and a knight of the realm to be seen Oop North in July,

      • One Time Special

        Please tell me when – might well be tempted to voyage up there to view them, marvels of the railway engineers art no doubt, I say so even though I was raised on the better side of the Pennines!

        • See National Railways Museum York Webpage.
          Six A 4 Pacifics together on show.
          Worth a visit and you don’t have to be an anorak to appreciate them.

    • There is the Surrey Police Retired Comrades Association blog ‘Old and Bold’ which is going strong and with current topics being discussed sensibly. It is run independently of the Force, sorry, Service, and anyone can read it but contributors, currently ex Surrey Police or Police staff, have to register. I often look at it and find it quite interesting. An open template for those retired from other forces wanting to start something similar (though an acknowledgement to Old and Bold would not go amiss, I’m sure).

  28. Brief Encounter

    I give up what are you saying?

  29. I never dreamed SP stood for ‘spotter’!

    • No spotter I.
      It was just a mental exercise for BE. But you were on the right track!

      • I gauged you well…!

        • The State Prosecutor

          Get to the point!

          I wonder if your nemesis is a train spotter? I have never seen the point, I want to own it, drive it etc. Can’t afford a full size loco so I dabble in O gauge up to 5inch. Don’t tell Mrs BE but I hope to have a coal fired O gauge loco soon although with my shaky hands I’ll be lucky to get much through the fire box door.

          Incidentally I know that some wag will make a poem or whatever about that.

  30. Sir Nigel who?

    • BE.
      Thirty five were made, six remain.
      Domestic duties are calling, so I must make myself scarce………………

  31. Brief Encounter

    Oh a Gresley.

  32. Please read Tony Parsons column in the Sun today,excellent piece about the police to counter the head of steam that is happening over “Plebgate”.Mitchell seems to have been found innocent for some reason,don’t remember a court case over this just yet but nearly every journo is back on his side.

    • One Time Special

      Their opposition to him extends to a meeting in the libel courts – he is trying to sue them for something or other

  33. It was raining most of yesterday, so I spent the time from 2.45pm to the evening, viewing the pantomime being enacted in The Thatcher Room of The Palace of Westminster. The proceedings, ruled over by Mr. Vaz, resulted in the conclusion, that three officers had shot themselves in the foot, one politician received several convoluted apologies but still had a cloud of doubt over his head. Three Chief Officers juggled with matters procedural and others aired their varied predjudices and nodded a lot and looked wise and knowledgeable.
    The bill so far exceeds a quarter of a million pounds, no good purpose has resulted and as is often the case in such happenings, it’s all much a do about nothing.
    Oh, unless of course you take into account the huge damage done to an already bruised and battered police service.
    Back in the real world, one wonders what ever became of the primary objects.
    Ahh Me!!

    • In passing, I could not help but feel very sad and full of sympathy for the three offcers wounded in the foot. They all looked like startled rabbits caught in a headlight. You might say that they are the authors of their own fate and being Federation Officers were versed in the politics involved. It transpired however that they were naive in the extreme and were left shuffling their feet whilst their interrogators tap danced around them.
      A sad outcome indeed.

  34. Spot on SP.
    An ex MP swore at officers doing their job…….eventually owned up. but that has been lost in the damage done in equal measure by the FED, pisspoor reporting, agenda’s and the labelling of us all as untrustworthy liars, whose lives should be monitored 24/7 by cctv and live feeds direct to Whitehall.
    There are now convicted terrorist and criminals in the UK with more protection and rights than the average bobby……….and probably earning more.
    Still if you keep kicking a dog, not giving it enough food to eat and generally abusing it,what could possibly go wrong? I’m sure all those graduates and captains of industry joining on £19k will make all the difference.
    ………..almost the weekend, can’t wait to be spat at, hit punched and then called a liar at court. Why don’t we just go the whole hog and change our number to 666 as Satan is probably more loved by our honourable gentlepeople and society than I feel right now.
    But as ever ,carrying on, more clocked off than clocking off.

    • As you say Davey.
      At that meeting it was suggested that all officers should be equipped with a
      recording device in order that the officer can back up his word with proof.
      That way there would be no dispute as to who said what.
      It seems all coppers are not only bastards but also assumed to be liars
      in the view of some. It gives you a real warm and wanted feeling knowing you are trusted.

  35. What the public and MP’s fail to grasp is that when it comes to honesty a integrity , those on the frontline aren’t supported by their leadership. we post anonymously on bb’s and blogs as to air discontent with a chief constable or Supt would have you on a discipline board and out of a job faster than an MP accepting a lobbyist payment. There are no whistleblowers in the cops because there is no protection.
    so as WD says we carry on. The law is black and white, PACE isn’t open to negotiation and regs are regs, but daily all of these are subject to abuse by those with shinysh*tontheirshouders and should the proverbial wheel come off it is always the lowest rank thrown to the wolves.
    The duty of care applies to us towards the public and our peers but is never intigated or challenged when it comes to our 9-5 leadership. This is the feds biggest failing.
    When cops loose control for a second and lash out, they are burnt at the stake by leadership, but no mention is ever made of the circumstances, workload, lack of support,threats,bullinging and badgering that usually led to that situation. ignorance rules and then they retire or move sideways.

    • Doxon of Dick Green

      Copout. There is indeed one whistleblower I know of, a PC James Patrick of the MPS. He is to appear before a disciplinary hearing in November. I believe he is to answer allegations of gross misconduct.

  36. genuinely wonder where policing in this country will be by the end of this gov’t’s time in office.
    they really have castrated and put cops in their place and made them political pawns.
    So much for without fear or favouritism.

  37. The State Prosecutor

    Yes, it has happened! After 8 years defending the innocent I have found myself to have passed back through the pain barrier to a position more akin to my former calling. I am now prosecuting and I am sending this at this god forsaken hour because I have been preparing for the 6 cases which I have on my list tomorrow. Only in the Mags at present but I hope to get on the list for CC work ASAP. Not completely sold my soul though as I will still be defending the innocent. But so far 3 trials and I have won 2 including the first. Change of name but you know who I am.

  38. I have just read Littlejohn’s latest literary masterpiece on the basis that it is always prudent to know what your critics are saying. Now, dare I say, I find myself agreeing with eighty per cent of his comments. In fact, I read his article, only to find, the same written in Wavey Davey’s and my own comments of yesterday. It beggars belief, when you are reduced to considering personal recording devices and signed declarations of ethics.
    It seems the ‘Job’ is now reuced to it’s lowest ebb, just as our detractors wanted right from the outset.
    I hope their brave knew College of Policing provides all they require, ‘though I doubt it will.

  39. The State Prosecutor

    Well the 6 cases turned into 8 cases then simmered down to 2 trials neither of which got off the ground. I personally think that body sets are the way forward. If they do away with me having to try and decipher the ancient marks on an EAB all the better. But there will then be allegations that the equipment was faulty or switched off which I imagine will be possible lest we have intimate footage of trips to the loo.

  40. The SP/BE
    Given that The Federation has through their ineptitude, ill-conceived and reckless actions resulted in us all being labelled cheats/liars and failed to actually do anything other that allow us all to take a right royal shafting…………. I was wondering if I could instigate a civil case against the federation, obviously paying my subs , I would expect them to pay for this….. so in essence I would be using the FED to sue the FED for damages – I am obviously now emotionally and mentally drained and a bit wibble, and surely in the great British tradition…………where’s there’s blame there’s surely a claim……….. any thought?

  41. Davey old fruit. I am not sure how much time you have served, but your comments indicate that you are either a little long in the tooth, or are dangerously out of step with ‘modern’ policing. If it is the latter, then I would suggest you keep your head down and watch your back. If it is the former, then hold on for your pension and try not to lose your cool meanwhile.
    Then again, what do I know? I have difficulty holding a conversation with younger officers they speak a different language to me.

  42. 🙂
    Thankfully sp I think I’l make it to retirement.
    Id just like to leave the service in better nick than when I joined.
    Has come leaps and bounds re race/sex/kids etc, but lost even more when it comes to integrity,knowledge,discretion,leadership decision making, openness and honesty.
    ‘being in it for myself’ should be the new force mantra
    or lessons will be learned.

    ……………………………….’ll get my coat.

    • Yup, and he’s a good bloke too. I know him. Funnily enough he’s taser trained but we cant carry taser single patrolling. it’s a farce

  43. charged with 18assault, no doubt cps will not oppose bail from court, will drop to common and ipcc will ensure hes disciplined for excessive force and being a liar.
    Hope they make a full recovery.

  44. The State Prosecutor

    It looks as though Shij was a badger after all and that he has been despatched in the cull. We mourn his passing. Is there some other badger with the know how to create a new blog to keep the likes of me and SP entertained?

    • TSP , sounds a bit like that well known antiseptic, I think I prefer ‘Brief Encounter’ as it conjures up a smoky, rain soaked, grimey only just post war railway station waiting room, with the tea urn bubbling, the fly specked rock cakes and curled edged fish paste sandwiches of doubtful pedigree.
      So……I’ll address you as ‘B.E.’ It seems you are right. Shijuro has fallen by the wayside and has put away the stick he used to poke the rear end of management. I would have a go myself but for the fact that I am completely useless with matters pertaining to the Interweb. I would probably identify commenters and cock the whole thing up were I let loose with my ten year old Desk Top.. I refuse to modernise as I cannot master all these Aps and electronic gimmicks.. Getting too old I suppose.
      So, where do we go from here? Are we to fade away and join the shadowy world of Gadget, or is there any other Blog that could put up with a few antediluvian mis fits who still hark for a past peopled by friendly avuncular overweight coppers

  45. He’s a teacher, it’s Half-Term, he may be enjoying a holiday, you know, like normal non shift working people can.

  46. I suppose we could all go and join Mince… No, on second thoughts perhaps not!

    • Hold that thought Cor, they do say a devil you know is better than one you don’t. Then again I always did have an inclination to self destruct!

      • I cant do it. I am completely confused. One minute I am prosecuting then I am defending. I have only just finished the paperwork on today’s jaunt on Her Majesty’s business. Luckily I have a small walk on part tomorrow, a cpd lecture in the evening and I think I’ll take Friday off. Now who the hell am I?

    • I’d rather boil my head.

  47. Doxon of Dick Green

    ‘Inspector Gadget’ is back! Check Twitter.

  48. Twatter makes my teeth itch, I can only just about find my way around this blog let alone the ‘machine gun’ splatter of twatter. I get a headache trying to send a text on my mobile, I haven’t a clue about ‘I Pad’ and ‘Tablets’ are those pills I take for my various ills. ‘Aps’ send me into a panic, because my clumsy arthritic fingers find three subjects at once. I operate without wireless and have barely mastered XP, now they tell me it becomes defunct in April.
    Now you tell me Gadget is back on Twatter. I’m afraid his style does not lend itself to Twatter, sometimes the tried and tested ways are best and I do enjoy reading something I can get into, one line comments leave a lot to be desired.
    Exits stage left .

    • Whilst on the subject………
      Gadget made his exit whilst he was ahead of the game. Quitting as he did whilst his star was acending. To return now (if in fact he is) can only be an echo of how things were, come backs seldom recapture the spirit of the original, we all move on and move off, it’s the nature of things. Mind you Sinatra managed a come back or two, he even had hair grafts to recapture his youth in parts. Not suggesting of course that IG is getting thin on top, I was merely illustrating a point.

  49. Subsequent to above.
    I have now read Monday Books/Gadget’s statements on Twitter, which confirms that IG is back but is intending to use only Twitter in future. I wish him well but regret the change in format. I’m no fan of Twatter or Face Ache but I guess it’s a natural progression. I agree with IG’s reasons for quitting the original blog, how many times can a person draw attention to the same things repeating themselves.
    So Shijuro it looks as though academia is taking all your time and we have come to a suitable time and place to close the curtains.
    Unless of course you have other plans

    • I always read Gadget for an insight into the chippy NCO culture of too many officers. I am afraid that I have decided not to do Twitter, as life is too short.

      • You mean the NCOs without which nothing would get done because of the ‘it’s beneath me’ culture of the entitled classes?


  50. Doxon of Dick Green

    Twit can be prohibitive due to the number of characters allowed in any one post, but I’m undecided if the Twitter Inspector Gadget is the genuine one or someone assuming his/her mantle.

  51. Well that’s convinced me- all police, especially bloggers, are rapists, what other possible conclusion is there to make?

  52. You are such an idiot Melvin.Why do you think this made headline news? Because it is so rare. Do you think anyone on here would try and defend a police officer rapist?
    Now run along and go and comment on teacher/nurse/doctors blogs when one of them commits a crime.

  53. I feel more raped than rapist………that’s old age for you or piles

  54. I have sussed you out Shij, this is the only way that you will get 100 hits.

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