Why people hate the police…

1. They are themselves criminals
2. They are close relatives of criminals
3. They are fourteen years old and rebelling (usually on the internet in the comments section of videos)
4. They are law-abiding, yet wannabe gansters (often crossover with number 3 above)
5. They are motorists who feel the law doesn’t apply to them and that they as individuals are somehow ‘above’ such petty matters
6. They are left-wingers who necessarily feel oppressed by the apparatus of state as an integral part of their worldview
7. They are right-wingers who necessarily feel that the police are uselessly soft as part of their worldview
8. They are foreign and have a different view of the police because the police in their home country are corrupt/brutal/inept
9. They are victims of petty crime that the police have trouble charging for
10. They are clinically insane…
11. They were done for speeding /double yellows/zigzags etc


16 responses to “Why people hate the police…

  1. 12. It’s in their personal/financial interests to undermine the police in order to ‘show’ that more privatisation needs to be given up to companies that will later hand them a party donation or maybe even a directorship…

  2. Pretty much. Or they’re warring neighbours and have called the police over spilled hedge clippings etc who then moan when the police ‘fail to take any action’ over said hedge clippings.

  3. 13. They blindly believe everything they read in the Daily Mail.

  4. 14. The plebs don’t open the gates for you and make you walk round like everyone else.

  5. 15. They simply don’t know very much about anything and it is just something else they can moan about.

  6. True case; “Someone sometime within the last five years kicked (evidence?) my garden fence in*, and because, when I dialed 999, they did not turn up with Blues and twin tones, I am being ignored!”

    This Woman is CONVINCED, even today, that the Police had not taken her “case” seriously! AND she SERIOUSLY expected that it should be dealt with as “an emergency!”

    This is her TOTAL reason to hate the police!!

    * She was not sure. The last time she looked was “about” five years ago. In between, “It looks like someone has kicked it down.”

  7. 16. It’s easier to moan about the old bill than it is to take responsibility for your own actions.

  8. 17. They are the Daily Mail.

  9. aha the dear old Daily Mail
    Adolf Hitlers favourite paper !!

  10. Brief Encounter

    I don’t think that many people do hate the police.
    Really you should stop reading certain newspapers as they are giving you a jaundiced view of society.
    I think that many villains probably love the police.

    For Sale soon: 1 Solicitor Advocates Gown, only one rip reasonable offers on a postcard to the usual address.

    • XX I think that many villains probably love the police. XX

      The “Old fashioned” ones certainly. “Fair cop guv, you got me nailed.”

      The type of Crim that when he aked “Hows the kids doing?” It was NOT a threat.

    • You’ve ripped your gown?

      Are you retiring properly or have you been promoted to Barrister?

  11. Brief Encounter

    Ah I missed those XXs.

  12. I haven’t bought a paper in months. I feel a lot better and the dog is way behind me now, too

  13. The same anti-police DM readers are usually deafeningly silent on the rare occasion when the police actually get praised for a job well done. It’d suggest that they either just love to moan or hate the police because they’ve been on the wrong side of the law and refuse to accept responsibility for their actions.

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