Pete Hitchens: idiot.

Petes brilliant idea for how the police deal with people armed with knives and firearms is… To take our armour, tasers and firearms off us… Presumably to stop the nasty police from hurting anyone…

He also has some helpful hints on dealing with mobile criminality too…

Yes,  by taking our cars off us…

I suspect he might think differently if he is confronted by armed criminals or needs is in the middle of the night and we take 60 minutes or so to walk to him…

He got a bit upset because some officer dealing with a job didn’t immediately jump when he pointed out a heinous crime (someone did a red light)…

What a penis…


35 responses to “Pete Hitchens: idiot.

  1. Well I don’t read the FAIL anyway, but if I did, I certainly wouldn’t now. What an arse.

  2. and that post from mtg just about sums it up for me.
    You would think the police were not a part of society.

  3. Hello melvin,the nice staff at your secure unit allowed you access to the internet again?

  4. Comments not allowed on his post I noticed just in case the world shouts him down as being the idiot that he clearly is.
    As for MTG-he falls into the trap of “one bad apple” and judging us all as the same.Two buffoons together.

  5. Kenneth Noisewater

    Top Heavy? What’s that got to do with anything?

  6. Even his brother, the late Christopher Hitchens, couldn’t stand him.

    • Yes but that Hitchens denied the existence of God and chose to do it publicly thus insulting many people of faith.

      • It insults ‘people of faith’ by denying the existence of god? So are those who preach the existence of god insulting the many atheists of the world? Are you really saying that if you don’t believe in god, then you should not say so? Let them ‘be insulted’ if that’s all it takes for them to be so.

        If you’re ‘insulted’ by someone disagreeing with your beliefs, then you may as well stop reading newspapers, sell your TV and cancel your broadband incase something else upsets you.

        I’ve yet to see/hear an discussion about religion lost by Christopher Hitchens. ‘People of faith’ may not like his opinions but that’s their problem, not mine.

        • Chris Hitchens was a clever and resourceful debater…

          • Maybe but he was wrong and he should have kept his views to himself. Over two thousand years very clever people have been saying that
            God does exist. They are right.

            • Very clever they may be, but right they are not. Why doesn’t The Vatican, for example, spend some of the billions of its opulant wealth (that it has amassed in the name of religion over those years of which you speak) towards going some way to ease much of the suffering in the world? Wouldn’t that be the ‘godly’ thing to do?

              Classic Hitchens (C) quote: “Without religion there would be good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. Only with religion do you get good people doing evil things.”


            • “Over two thousand years very clever people have been saying that
              God does exist. ”

              More recently of course, even cleverer people are increasingly saying, backed up by mounting evidence, that he probably doesn’t. We certainly know that the earth wasn’t ceated about 4k years ago, as your ‘very clever people’ would have us believe.

              maybe YOU should be keeping YOUR views to YOURSELF – they insult ME.

              There you go – freedom of speech in action!!

            • Brief Encounter

              Well PE there is a problem with freedom of speech in that it could destroy itself. I personally favour good deeds over fine words. I have my own beliefs based broadly around an Abrahamic/Christian religion. I do not however (apart from on here recently) act as an apologist for it. I would style myself hopefully as a good person doing good things. You do not need a religion to do that. I often find myself representing people who are very frightened sometimes n the past It has been appropriate to ask that person if they have a faith and if they do to invite them to pray for a solution. I just think that we should all be respectful of other peoples cultures and religions. What possible difference could it have made to C. Hitchens that some people believed in God. Why did he feel I appropriate to say that God did not exist?

            • He was a proponent for truth, simple as that. Read his book God Is Not Great if you want to know why he felt it so necessary to speak against religion. And you don’t have to have religion to do good deeds. Not at all.

            • Brief Encounter

              I have no intention of reading his book. As for the truth who knows what that is.

  7. I read Hitchin’s comment earlier and was poised to type a reply, then l paused and thought FCK it. This bloke obviously lives in his own world where there are no angry men and plod walk round helping old ladies across the road and doff their caps to toffs like him. We are just servants after all. Silly me.
    He really is an arse !

  8. I’m not phased by any of his because I don’t read The Mail. Follow my lead and be ate ace with the world.

  9. Shij
    More important in my book is the emergency responder who was chucked out for exceeding the speed limit to go and save a life.

  10. Got to wonder who would give this man a job if the Fail ever went bust.
    Which country in the world has a police force that takes the same shit as this. There is more crime in the UK than most European countries and they wouldn’t dream of working with no side arms and a taser between 5 officers.

    The Fail need a reality check, what ever happened to this independent press complaints system Leveson recomended almost a year ago. Funny how the MPs are happy to let that drop for a few favourable stories in the papers.

  11. I didn’t bother writing a response, and now they’ve shut comments. Didn’t stop me from writing about it though and explaining in glorious detail why he’s so very wrong indeed.

  12. Got to wonder which police force in the world do these Moan journalists actually think are doing a good job.

    No other force would do the job with the restriction UK police have. We have one of the highest crime rates in Europe but remain unarmed, our courts and prisons are full to bursting and still these idiots moan about us.

    Time some of these Senior officers grew a set and started pointing this out instead of just cowering down and accepting what they say.

  13. I see the Duggan inquest has begun.

    I await the verdict of cop babykillers.

  14. completely off topic but………..

    talk about life imitating art.

    Still crimes falling

  15. Great day at Demoncon 6. Cor! never showed up, or if he did he never said he was Cor! Shame, was looking forward to punching him in the mouth.

    My thoughts on Tommy.

    • That’s on your bucket list then is it, Mince?

      Best make it the last item…

      How many did you sell?

      While you were were having these suicidal fantasies?

  16. two night ago, I was in a restaurant in a foreign country, the rozzers were called as some dodgy geezers were using stolen credit cards
    the geezersin question looked well hard, the rozzers turned up looking harder and packing heat
    after a short discussion at guns length the two geezers gave up quitly
    funny that
    this in a busy public place, and no one critisiced the rozzers and all were pleased to see them
    no bullet proof or stab vests just smart shirts and trousers !!
    the French have it about right

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