Two court cases today…won one drew the other …well adjourned anyway…the judge wanted to see the scene…

As to the win, I am 50 quid the richer for being kicked in the head, bitten and spat at in the face…

As to justice…well…it’s always a roll of the dice…court.

Now talking about natural justice what about the rapist that’s now waiting to hear if he had contacted HIV from his victim…



Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke eh?


18 responses to “Justice…

  1. Never use the J word.

  2. Come on Shij,I know you’re not one of us anymore-but where’s the post on the police “stealing” money from the Hillsborough survivors?.The lefty scum antis are going berserk over this non-story.Must be more cuts coming up and they want to soften the blow….

  3. Well what else would you do with cash recovered in such circumstances?

  4. Natural justice, for rape he shall (hopefully) have the death sentence.
    B.T.W., did you feel that weight suddenly lift off your shoulders? I certainly did!

  5. a whole £50 compo.
    ……….at 2p a week.

    makes it all worthwhile.

    good luck shij

  6. 10 miserable years to go

    Let’s hope the rapist scum has it and let’s hope even more that he doesn’t get any free treatment. But we all know he will because its his ‘uuuuman rights innit. Hopefully he’ll be putting it about in the showers as well and infect a few more slags and take them with him…

  7. Not wishing to dampen your pleasure at the thought of receiving an extra 50 notes, unless the legislation has changed, once a court decrees a sum of compensation, it then becomes a civil debt. If the offender fails to pay, it is upon you to seek action through the civil court (and the expense that incurs) to order the payments to be made. In the normal course of things, it costs more to pursue the matter than the sum owed. Over the years I must have had a total of several hundred pounds owed in compensation for assaults but never received and no one, except the Federation, was interested though they could do little. Fortunately, after reading about a tribe in Papua New Guinea and how they dealt with such matters, the circumstances were altered slightly, summary justice prevailed, and I received the compensation.

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