Sentence prediction forum…

The moronic burglar that tried to kill a police officer when attempting to escape it’s too be sentenced for….Yes…gbh (I think it’s only a 20 too…)…

Any guesses on the sentence? I say 5-years-ish….

In the states he would be dead of course….shot by the officer…

The Bobby with life changing injuries will no doubt take comfort for all of the help the moron will get as he hobbles around on his sticks…



7 responses to “Sentence prediction forum…

  1. Brief Encounter

    Is there a link to a press article about this? If he is to sentenced for GBH s.20 then 5 yrs is the maximum. If it was a plea then he will get credit the quantum based on when that count was put and when he pleaded to it and he will serve one half in custody if he gets immediate custody.

  2. ASBO (Or whatever it is called)

    But then, I was BORN cynical.

  3. Brief Encounter

    You forgot these: XX Sir.

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