Kittens upset…about dv against women…

…ignoring for the moment that 1 in 6 men has suffered dv at one time or another, she has got more front than Blackpool…

Her policies have reduced the amount of officers in specialist roles to the point the ones left are burning out and going off sick…

Now she wants more?

Idiot, is the only word…just idiot…


14 responses to “Kittens upset…about dv against women…

  1. “dv”????

    Never heard of it….. Explenation please.

  2. Brief Encounter

    Devon Violets?
    In my estimation a tremendous amount has been done on Domestic Violence. It is a very difficult issue to address. There has been a pole change in attitude by police and courts in a relatively short period of years.
    There is for instance a positive arrest policy and a dedicated team of officers to deal with it.
    Damn it Shij I will have to buy a newspaper!

    • Let’s be logical: DV is not a police problem…it’s a society problem.

      We are the police …not instruments of social change…

      • Correct. But violence against the person remains….Violence… Och you know what I mean.

        We all know, and could tell a hundred stories of turning up to a domestic, only to be told by the Wifey to “Leave my man alone!!”

        WE are there to protect the victim. It is NOT a case of “changing society”. It IS simply so.

        WHEN did we become “Social workers” all of a sudden?

        We are there to uphold the law.

        Anything other than that, there are whole SWARMS of crochet knicker and sandal wearing, poertry readers out there to deal with the aftermath.

  3. Plus there’s an element of mission creep with what is now ‘DA’ – domestic ‘abuse’ not violence, which encompasses such gems as ’emotional and financial abuse’ and ‘putting people down in front of others’. Not nice, I’ll grant you, but criminal? Eh? Surely we can’t be expected to make people’s relationships happy? Non-violent would be a good start, no?

  4. Luckily she presides over a well-funded,well-motivated police force that are more than happy to take on yet more work…..oh hold on….

  5. It will be interesting to see what more she thinks we can do. There is already postive action policy ( code for arrest) their is a whole booklet to fill out covering every possiable situation then it all goes to dedicated units to deal. Its always treated as urgent and With respect for the victims.Short of saying to people you can no longer be in a relationship I really can’t see what more can be done.
    Anyway we can always trust Tommy boy has given her advise based on his vast policing experience.

  6. Ah! Tommy Boy…. Now there’s a blast from the past. Whatever became of him… Did he “Make a Difference”?
    No.. Thought not.

  7. the ones that need help, need protection are failed/too little too late or not given the attention they deserve, because we are snowed under dealing with the daily 10-20 he said/she said and then he pushed me/no statement positive action (arrest)………….. it’s a brave Pc who wont arrest at a DV call nowadays.
    arrested overnight, interviewed cps and NFA. 10-12 hours wasted, when simple advice/common sense and appropriate discretion and advice may have been more affective.
    It is easier to arrest and pass the buck and let someone else make the judgement call. No one wants to be accountable for their actions/inactions

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