Fraud? Serco? I don’t believe it!

Well it’s true…

What will happen?


It’s part of the plan…

1.destroy the police.
2.put private police in their place.
3.mange lots of money.

Heh…they are Tories! They destroy public services, they replace with private profit making enterprise…then they get voted out and wait until people forget!

University places can’t be filled…because people don’t want (or can’t afford the debt) …how long will it be before we hear “mmm…you’ve only got 450 students…you don’t need those buildings…or staff…”


Scary thing is…how many of the ‘non-thinking’ classes are happy to vote them in…


8 responses to “Fraud? Serco? I don’t believe it!

  1. The saying used to be SERCO , the biggest company you’ve never heard off.

    If Only.

  2. “how many of the ‘non-thinking’ classes are happy to vote them in…” Because a) they know how to ring the bell which makes the DM readers salivate and b) many of the non-thinkers have shares, or funds which have shares… so they see a personal advantage, if only briefly.

  3. Although the last lot destroyed the economy and got us into dodgy wars. I’m finding it difficult to see anyone I’ll vote for next time.

  4. It will be interesting to look at these massive companies who are benifit inch from Tory sell offs and see in 5-10 years time just how many of the current cabinet are sat on the management boards of these companies. All getting nice payouts for sell offs they over seen.

    • Brief Encounter

      I have read and considered that story carefully.

      It is a sad world which we live in, something needs to give on this issue of witnesses although in reality I doubt that much has changed over the years except that at one time it was the more infamous gangs who intimidated people into seeing nothing. Now it seems more villains are into it.

      We are already the most CCTVd nation but I think that more good quality equipment can only help as well of course as effective policing.

      One could write a thesis on this subject, I based a dissertation on it as well as visiting a War Crimes Tribunal. The problem is that when you start to look at possible solutions you get into the dangerous waters of admitting evidence as hearsay.

      You have hit the nail on the head with this one Lance.

  5. Brief Encounter

    I say, bit off beam old boy. Shij is the Master, show some respect.

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