Avon and Somerset to privatise custody…

…to save money…funny, but generally speaking companies tend to be run for profit…it’s not a dirty word but…when peoples safety is in the frame it’s never a good idea…

Look at Ryanair…run for profit…so close to the wire with fuel they have had to divert to emergency landings quite a few times…a pilot that coughed this was sacked…mmmm…and this is the most regulated industry out there…

I give it until the first death in custody… or…they will be so skittish they will be tying up Bobbies taking Billy Scrote to A/E…

It’s going to go wrong…but… it’s the future LOL


25 responses to “Avon and Somerset to privatise custody…

  1. Please feel free to tell us which Farce you work for when you do actually hang up your truncheon. I hope you, Gadget, Ellie Blogs (RIP…oh hang on. Not dead) and me all worked for the same one. Dan Collins of Monday Books threw a hissy fit the last time I advocated this theory, saying it was all cobblers (on Gadget’s final blog post…after it fell into the spam filter…which means Gadget himself cleared it for publication…so THBBBBPPPP!!!!) To paraphrase Shakespeare, “the publisher with a lot riding on the upcoming TV deal doth protest too much.”

    Anyone noticed that Cor! appears to have fornicated off after I pointed out he has the same first name as Sergeant Kerwan?

    Life eh?

  2. Brief encounter

    Well you must have missed his valuable observations recently.

    But it had to happen sooner or later and perhaps now the Custody Officer will be independent of the investigation.

    From what I see the cells in Crown Courts and Mags Courts it wont be a problem. It is hardly a police role anyway.

    • We will see… I’m all for it… let someone else deal with drunks et al…when they croak… let the ipcc do their magic…

    • “perhaps now the Custody Officer will be independent of the investigation.”

      Seriously BE what nicks are you working in? This is very much the case where I work

      • Brief Encounter

        Sorry Buzz it was a bit tongue in cheek really although try as I might when I occupied that exalted (ahem) throne it is difficult to close one’s mind to the need for a thorough investigation.

        • I appreciate it must be hard for a skipper, i don’t want promotion for that reason alone, plus Im leaving of course

  3. Brief Encounter

    I see in this mornngs Times newspaper that Suscon are to employee civvies with just four weeks training to carry out interviews! That falls well short of the training period which the Legal Services Commoission lays down for solicitors to become accredited police station reps. Oh we are going to have fun.

  4. My farce has centralised custody in an attempt to save monies.
    As usual it is run at minimum staff or below safe levels.
    There are no breaks, no lunch, and their workload like everyone elses is consistent and at times overwhelming.
    As usual every boss knows it , but none of them ever want to venture in there when its busy.
    All are quite happy to cross their fingers and keep towing the party line re’ everything being fine’ etc . except it isn’t.
    PACE, officer safety prisoner welfare are secondary to those in their ivory towers. When their is an ‘expectation’ (exact word used by the ACPO lead for custody) that civilians fulfil and carry out duties usually the reserve of the Custody sergeant then you know exactly where which side their bread is buttered and that should something go wrong- exactly who will be left out in the cold. Even when it has been pointed out to them that it flies in the face of legislation and PACE, the silence and lack of support is breath-taking.

    There used to be feedback from the adverse incidents , which then got rebranded as ‘positive interventions’ , but when they started mounting up , it has now become a tickey box exercise.

    …………………….lessons will be learn’t 🙂

    The job as they say is fooooked.

  5. Adversrse incident/positive. Intervention, why not call it what it is. I. E. How i stopped some sad drink/drug /suicidal numptee from topping themselves in the cells and saved the job from a coroners and ipcc enquiry and myself from the sack/wilderness or pokey.
    With the corporate manslaughter legislation id have more respect if the ipcc went after those that allow the crappy staffing levels and overwork. Like that’s going to happen

  6. As with all these new policies we all know its going to fail. Numerous blogs all lay out pretty much similar and accurate arguments detailing how and why these policies will fail. Then within a few months these fears are proved right.
    This government just listens to their own think tanks staffed with school boys with no real world experience who fire out pie in the sky theory’s and ignore the experience of proper coppers ( ACPO don’t count as coppers more sudo politicians). A more anti law and order government there has never been.

  7. Also it shows the damage done by years of promoting the wrong people. Promoting people ( I won’t call them coppers because most clearly are not) based in the ability to fire out buzz words and display little to no backbone is now coming home to roost.
    Promotion of honest decent COPPERS is the only way to restore faith in the job.
    Would a real experienced copper sign up for half of these hair brained schemes?
    Would they stand by while officers a rashes in the press for doing there job?
    Would they nod a long like a puppy while standing next to an MP spouting some clap trap about a new policy that would never work and is being done just for tomorrow’s headlines.

    Fixing the job is easy but will take time or at least as long as a promotion process takes.

    And just for clarity iv gone as high as I would want and have not tried to rise higher and have no intention if doing so. My rant is based purely on years if seeing coppers passed over in favour of puppets.

  8. Brief Encounter

    The meaning of the word Police is the arrangements made in civilised countries to ensure that citizens keep the peace and obey the law. That was I think the first ‘A’ report which I learned way back in nineteen seventy and frozen to death. Assuming that that is correct, the privatisation of custody suites and the use of civvies for interviews etc fall within the original meaning. Privatisation of Custody is in my mind acceptable as would civvie interviewers provided that they had sufficient training.

  9. Brief Encounter

    No but it does encourage debate.

  10. There’s already been a death in a privatised custody suite, in the Met, Bexleyheath I think it was.

    Private gaolers

    All in the public domain

  11. Brief Encounter

    What concerns me is that there will undoubtedly be PIs for these agents. That might be based on throughput in which case OICs might be pressurised to release suspects early or it might be based on ‘backs on bunks’ in which case the suites will clog up.

    Oh and nice to hear from you Buzz.

    • Ditto BE, and I dont know what targets they have, but being Private Industry they must have some, after all, police officers do.

  12. I worked in private industry for many many years, they will be ok
    one bunch of lying dishonest crooks looked after by another bunch of lying dishonest crooks the only difference being one has a mission statement

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