Spys spying? What ever next…

So…a partner of a grunidad reporter is upset because he was stopped by the cops that had a tip off from some…err…spies… that he was carrying secrets from another ….yes…spy.

Lets be clear…Edward Snowden is an idiot. If he had coughed a couple of secrets that revealed war crimes I would be in admiration for a heroes stance…but he didn’t…he spilled THOUSANDS of indiscriminately selected secrets…he has had it…oh yes he’s going to get it…

Anyone with those secrets (that isn’t giving them back) is asking for it too… a reporter would have known that of course…which is why he had them…to spill them in the paper…

I think it’s so very British that we appear to be all upset that our spies, well…spy on people.

Isn’t that their job? I suppose they committed the worse offence you can in that profession…they got caught…



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