Officer down…

A routine stop ended up with an officer being sprayed in the face with ammonia…

Hope the officer recovers soon…


5 responses to “Officer down…

  1. Brief Encounter

    Worrying, I remember a number of occasions in my service when street robbers resorted to such solutions in plastic lemons. Almost sounds like a set up. Goggles on guys.

  2. Is this not in the same borough where two offices were burned in an acid attack by a Somali man wanter for a recall to prison?

  3. Here’s the deal ,not life changing ….. So in essence not that serious ,blood boiling ……. Sick to death of officer assaults being played down to the point of acceptance , bout time a few journalists and judges put on the blacks and walked the line .

  4. I am shocked by the report from the Fail not criticising the officer for racism or brutality or some other slur on behalf of the government

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