Voluntary and compulsory severance is coming…says my local feed rep…the forces just can’t handle the next round of cuts without it…

I, for one, will bite off their hands! But it’s ready to forget those that don’t have a short time to go…

This is what it’s come too…the recession and economy have given the Tories a beautiful gift of opportunity to destroy us and replace us with a privately funded police…

I note a new version of ‘robocop’ is being released…I remember the first one and its darkly funny statement on greed and corporate corruption…of course it could never happen eh?


45 responses to “Severance…

  1. “… the recession and economy have given the Tories a beautiful gift of opportunity…”

    Exactly that.

  2. let you back on the computer have they Melv? Oh dear there goes your privileges again.

  3. Really am past caring.
    I do my job and go home, I switch off.
    It has become just that, a job.

    I watch and listen to the drivel spewed by SLT’s ,my Ch CON ,the never seen PCC and realise that nothing I will say or do will make any difference. The sickness rate on my dept is through the roof. Overtime goes unfilled.

    No one cares.

    I witness senior leadership make decisions that would get my rank fired and NOTHING is said or done.
    If PCC’s and CH con’s were serious about saving money they would look at ranks above inspector and prune with fervour……….that will never happen as they are all in it together.
    As for the Federation………..just how long can you contemplate your navel?

  4. If voluntary severance come along, I will certainly “bite their hands off”. I’ve had enough in more ways than I can possibly describe. The 21 x a months wage is VERY tempting as I’ve only got two and a half years to go. HOWEVER compulsory severance is another matter altogether. That’ll be a minimum payoff , most likely a months wage, and out the door you go son !!!! It’ll come in. The Federation will roll over again and we’re all f*cked !!!!

    • CS terms cannot be less favourable than VS and VS has to be offered first. Unless the offer is too good to turn down, don’t be hasty. We have out lasted the government before, they’ll be gone soon enough. Patience my friend.

  5. Altogether now… “goodbye-eeeee, goodbye-eeee , wrote a tear baby dear from your eye-eeee…

    • 10 miserable years to go

      Nearly done eh Shij, there’s a lot of people that envy you mate. Good luck, hope it all goes well.

  6. Brief Encounter

    Its all very very sad, the best job in the world gone down the pan. Crime down? Not cyber crime, that is on the rise and some are very worried about it according to the radio this morning. I watch Blue Bloods, yes I know I’m sad but we used to be a family here, we did our jobs, we protected the public and we looked after each other. The public supported us and queued at the local nick to donate if a cop was killed. What the hell has gone wrong?

    • Kenneth Noisewater

      …loss of moral values, mass immigration of people with different cultures (some great, some less so) eroding what could be termed “British values”, liberal infestation at many levels, poor politicians with no idea and who don’t care anyway, general reduction in the high standards required to join (and the level of training given for) many jobs from policing to teaching to nursing; overcrowding of inner cities; high levels of violence in games/films desensitising people to suffering; loss of caring neighbourly attitudes; mass consumerism and globalisation; BIG BROTHER type TV rubbish making people think they can be amazingly wealthy and interesting without having talent or deserving it; statistical manipulation to make things seem rosey at all costs; past mistakes being over-scrutinised and making people think that all disasters can be averted and the blatant media manipulation and propaganda turning the “public” against the Police (and whoever is the target that week).

      May have rambled a bit and likely the list of “what’s gone wrong” could go on for much longer.


  7. politics4fools

    Robocop would never come to the UK, could you see us being that tough on criminals?? Maybe a foam cut out on wheels with an empty water pistol would more British.

  8. Welcome to Britain 2013.
    Try not to commit crime as there aren’t enough officers to cope and please please don’t steal anybody’s id OR credit card details…………
    Please avoid getting ill,fat or unemployed we appreciate the fact that you may only have enough money for own brand gruel and water and that no amount of ‘positive’ thought or homeopathy is going to reattach a limb or alleviate your parents dementia but there are plenty of zero hour contract jobs you can do, with pay just 1p above minimum wage and no sickpay/leave entitlement and if your depressed,you could always go for a quick walk to Beachy head or your local multi-storey, possibly killing (forgive the pun) 2 birds with 1 stone…….,
    all of it just stretches our social services and makes us appear like we don’t care, but we do, honest, we give to children in need and sponsor kids abroad and we have black friends.errrrr vote Tory

    Buy British, even if it made in china.

  9. 10 miserable years to go

    As long as the Met can still afford 600 quid for a ceremonial hat for some female commander we’re ok. Even if it does lool like dick turpins cast off.

    • A £600 party hat is the least of their worries.

      Lord (Brian) Paddick and Baroness (Jenny) Jones – how d’you like them apples?

      Be afraid. Be very afraid…

      • Paddick…………….. a walking ego and self publicist who stole a living as a cop.
        Should feel right at home in the house of lords,

      • Brief Encounter

        I would not have thought that Jenny would have accepted a Peerage.

        • Not unlike John “Too much flunkery and titles…I don’t want to be a member of the House of Lords. I will not accept it.” Prescott.

          Or, ‘Baron Prescott of Kingston-upon-Hull’, as he likes to be referred to these days.

  10. rising violene linked to climate change

    Time to vote for the GREEN party. 🙂

    ‘m just waiting for Cameron to blame the cops for global warming…….. if they weren’t all rushing around in their cars and leaving their blue lights on ALL the time.

  11. Hey Shij are you officially out now? If so congratulations

  12. O/T, but… today the IPCC announced that it has found “no evidence to indicate criminality at this stage” regarding the Mark Duggan shooting. Criminality by the police, that is. And “at this stage” – i.e. after only 2 years and all the resources they could possibly desire being afforded them. I suppose they’re just letting everyone know that there’s time yet to reach the ‘right’ result…

    What a way with words they have. It’s almost as if they are being forced to ‘admit’ that the police acted correctly.

    • Don’t worry Ed, they’ll be an enquiry part 2, part 3 etc till they get the unsuccessful prostitution/prosecution they require to keep the money flowing and the gravy train chugging along.

      Still, I guess it would be asking too much to have them take responsibility for throwing petrol on the fire that led to riots with their halfarsed ‘initial’ findings and STUPID innuendo comments to the gutter press.

      lessons will not be learnt…………as usual

    • 10 miserable years to go

      The only criminality involved was the slags in the car. And at least one of them got what he deserved.

  13. To Ian Tomlinson’s family who loved him so very, very much and have just settled for an undisclosed “out of court” financial sum from those horrid beasts the Metropolitan Police Service…I have only two words to say.

    Homeless. Shelter.

    • 10 miserable years to go

      Exactly what I thought Lance. they didn’t want to know him when he was alive due to his being a pissed up alcky but one whiff of some compo and out they all trot with tears in their eyes. I’m more disappointed that de brunner wasn’t wearing her 600 quid sh!t hat when she gave the speech about how sorry we all are. Or are not as is the case with most pc’s…

  14. Morning you cloud of crimefighters you……..what have I missed?

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