Some helpful guidance for DM ‘reporters’, editors and readers…

The lovely Police Officer from Blackpool on that telly thing…

NOT a Police officer…(Ikea table…)

Police Officers…

NOT a Police Officer…

Just so you understand…because clearly you have a problem working that one out…


31 responses to “Some helpful guidance for DM ‘reporters’, editors and readers…

  1. Brief Encounter

    I don’t read The Mail but I guess that ordinary folk who have no knowledge of PACE could confuse a detention officer with a custody officer just as disclosure officer can be confused with revelation officer. Disgraceful behaviour though.

    • Especially when the rag starts off its piece with,

      “A police officer who persuaded a female suspect to perform oral sex on him while she was held in custody is today facing jail…”

      Theresa May promised to support us in her PolFed speech in 2010. I await her response to the DMs lies with baited breath…

      • The Home SEc uses papers like the Daily Moan as an extension of the government PR machine. It’s not a coincidence that every time she screws us over that the preceding few days all these rags are full of anti police stories.
        They do it with us the teachers, nurses anyone who does properly publicly minded job that they feel they can privatise for personal profit.
        As for the goaler bloke he is as much a police officer as Daily Moan writer is a journalist. It’s a similar field but it ain’t the real thing.

  2. Here our version of the Federation (GdP Gewerkschaft der Polizei ) would have pointed this out to the Mail, in the form of an official complaint.

    But it would appear the British PF are about as usefull as a wet fart in a swimming pool.

  3. Brief Encounter

    Unfortunately the swimming pool was closed last year.

    • The feds too busy being on a ‘vision quest’ and beabag sessioning itself.
      Still with gourmet meals to eat and networking to do, there just aren’t enough hours in the working 8hr day for actual stuff that might make a difference/improve morale/benefit those who pay the subs and clock on/clock off each day

  4. Brief Encounter

    Thank goodness I watched Blue Peter as a child. Really on hols but a gig came up at a reasonably local court. I have gown but not wig box collar or tabs. Luckily I have just been able to make a set from white card!

    I await the inevitable banter.

    • Brief Encounter

      I may wear the cardboard collar and tabs again, they proved to be rather effective for me when prosecuting!

  5. 10 miserable years to go

    They also failed to mention she was a tom. WTF was he thinking, of all the people to get a nosh off of why would you pick some crack whore in custody. Especially when you could just drive a few miles to commercial road and get one for a tenner….

    • As much as I detest the Maul for lying and painting this offender as a police officer, that dickhead has brought shame upon us and deserves an appropriate sentence. Good riddance to bad blood.

  6. For what it’s worth (bugger all squared I imagine) I have sent a complaint to the Press Complainst Authority on the basis of inaccurate reporting. I won’t hold my breath.

  7. why are both police officers left handed ?

    • I don’t know (giggles in anticipation.)
      Go on then . . . why are both police officers left handed?

    • Well, it doesn’t appear to be an example of plane mirror imaging, or ‘left-right reversal’ of an original image, as the text on the cap isn’t affected. So it probably either:

      a) merely depicts two individuals who just happen to fall within the 12% of maes who are left-handed, due to a combination of inherited genetics and the less lateralised form of fine motor skills that left-handers tend to possess, or

      b) for ease of the shot, it’s just it’s posed that way.

      There is a far less likely c), of course: the ‘hard of thinking’ amongst us who prefer to put their faith in supernatural, imaginary friends might prefer to believe that “God made them that way”.

  8. Henry Bolingbroke

    They didn’t print my comment, but in fairness, many other people pointed out that the detention officer in question was not a police officer.

    It was also pointed out that they printed a library photograph of the wrong police station. Excellent, accurate reporting from the Wail as usual…

    • “… in fairness, many other people pointed out that the detention officer in question was not a police officer.”

      Despite the Wail describing the offender a a Police Custody Officer, and also as Police Officer, though.

      Vile rag.

  9. shaftedbluepleb

    Some knowledgeable bloke has pointed out that he absolutely must be a police officer as you have to be a sgt to be a custody officer…

  10. The Fail is no longer accepting comments on the (and I use the term loosely) ‘article’.

    Nothing to do with the amount of comments highlighting their lies, or a flood of complaints to the PCC, I do hope.

  11. Brief Encounter

    Jim m8, good to hear from you. Can you send some of that rain south please the garden is frazzled.

  12. Brief Encounter

    Oh okay, we will let you have it after we have bathed in it.

  13. Found ya! Cheers for the message Jim

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