12-hour blues…

West Midlands officers have been ordered to work 12-hour shifts due to the heightened terror alert status… (my thanks to westmidscop for that…).

First…what heightened terror alert?

When we have MI5 recruiting like mad; people being murdered in the street; mosques blown up and burnt down can it get any worse!!?

Thing is… they have been told they will just work through and have no change in weekly pattern! (not 4-days on 4-days off…)

This is presumably to make it look as if there are more officers than there actually are…

Of course, that means that they will be working 72-hour weeks…so…no home life at all for most officers… I bet the HQ boys that thought it up aren’t working 12…

Anyway…I guess it will last right up to the moment the chief sees the OT bill for 4-hours a day for every front line officer in the force… lol

I give it a week…



11 responses to “12-hour blues…

  1. And illness goes thru the roof.

  2. WestMids have a terror alert that pushes officers onto 12 hour shifts and a force not a million miles away (two counties southwards) get rid of their counter terrorism firearms team as there isn’t the threat!! Someone somewhere has got a poor intel picture

  3. It wasn’t 12 hours today, it was sodding 13. We are being run ragged every day now. Something is going to go badly wrong very soon.

  4. Reported crime figures are at a record low so stop your moaning. Call Me Dave and Imelda are pleased as punch, their cuts are clearly working and to prove it the (20 year + i.e. safe pensions) Chief Constables have come out to share photo opportunities with their overlords. And we ain’t seen nothing yet…

  5. Brief Encounter

    This is disgraceful! There isn’t enough crime to justify payIng for an efficient police service and it doesn’t help me either. We are all in It together you cops and us briefs and we are all going to suffer. Next they’ll be closing prisons. What the hell has gone wrong, can’t be anything you lo did.

  6. Papers today are full of the latest Government PR spin saying crime is down etc and its all down to them.
    As usual its all lies. I see police officers now who just look constantly ill and tired. It’s only a matter if time till sickness rises its inevitable.
    Also the SMTs need to grow a set and point out the changed made in how and what’s recorded. They have a moral duty to be honest any that are found to have lied or simply dodged the truth the public should demand the not so new commissioners sack them. Who wants a liar in charge ……. Oh wait

  7. Brief Encounter

    On reflection I predicted a press release along these lines some months ago. The thing is, if crime was at an all time high in 1995 then it must have started to improve during the last government.

  8. Officers are tired and morale is non existent. I’ve just done 4x 12 hr shifts and I’m worn out, especially with the heat. I feel sorry for my level 2 colleagues who did the same, but with 12hrs policing the EDL in Birmingham on top. However some departments had their 12hrs reduced by Thursday.
    The management don’t care about us, never have. All we got was a pathetic thank you via the Intranet message board from the ACC whilst she was standing in the air conditioned force control room watching it all on TV. Nothing from the CC.
    I’d leave tomorrow if I could find something else.

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