Well that about wraps it up for taser…

a man has died following police usr of taser in Manchester… a man armed with a knife was arrested following the taser being fired at him…he had some medical issues and died…

The ipcc are involved etc etc etc…

They won’t stop until we don’t have them anymore… we will go back to hitting people will sticks…

I have a mate in the Finnish cops…he simply cannot believe we go out without a pistol or taser or both…

I can’t either…but as I am out in less than two months…


17 responses to “Well that about wraps it up for taser…

  1. Brief Encounter

    Barmy. I want all cops armed with aide arms as a minimum.

  2. Glad ypuve got an escape plan..with this,the lawrence circus,stop search,azelle rodney,all the negativity over these topics,combined with weeks and weeks of long hot weather,i wouldnt be surprised if some retail rioting springs to peoples minds.
    Been almost two years since they got their last free Nikes

  3. southernbobby

    I have just read the Daily Mail ‘s first report on this. I know they are a crap paper , but their spin on this is a new low.

  4. Case of man in Sussex being tasered then kicked. Stay classy!

  5. Let’s take an educated guess about the “victim” here.
    Unemployed,criminal record,kids by different women,drunk,on drugs.BINGO!
    But the Guardian/C4/BBC will ignore all the above and will publish that “he was no angel”,”didn’t deserve this”,”good to his old mum”,”loveable rogue” etc etc.
    If the DM allow comments I think you will find most people are very supportive of the police,much to the chagrin of the editors.
    PS- Goggzilla is a half-wit who will infest this blog with his poison,be aware.

    • “Loveable rogue”. I smile everytime I see that term used. It translates to “thieving/violent/drug using/dealing/alcoholic/waste of space/never worked scum bag” (pick any combination or in some cases all of the above.
      There was a guy in my old farce who was murderef by rival drug dealers. The community and press couldn’t say enough good things about him. His ex partners disagreed though as he regularly beat the sh1t out of them and was reasonable for harassing their families. He was also a well know drug dealer and known for using violence and weapons against people. He was regularly referred to by the press as a “loveable rogue”. I won’t repeat how I referred to the c…

      • Brief Encounter

        Well I guess we all look fwd to a time when crime has been eliminated and the police and lawyers will no longer have a job to do…….oh hold on.

      • Oi! You leave Saint L of Pill alone. Bloody salt of the earth he was, standing up against those bullies like that.

        Back on topic. I was showing a probationer I’m training some footage of my old mob doing a house entry and he was amazed that we weren’t armed.

        “Crazy” was how we were described.

        I’d never go back to doing the job unarmed.

  6. Haha it’s ok you were clearly picked on in school and suffered a miserable childhood. I wonder what it’s like being a wimp, no friends and unable to find a partner.

    Damn there I go again feeding trolls

  7. I have yet to see any of these liberal muppets who spout on about the evils of taser, come up with a credible alternative.
    They ignore how the same incident would end in orettuch any other European country.
    They ignore the amount of people including police officers that taser actually saves.
    They ignore the violent scum who are actually receive far less injuries from being tazered than they would should they have to be hit by an officer.

    They all like to jump on the bad wagon but one of them actually have anything usefull to say. Fact is in any country other than the UK the vast majority of our tasered criminals would have been shot.

  8. We should all have it. Not just the select few.

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