G4S accused of… FRAUD!!!!! ;-)

You could not have written it.

G4S, one of the biggest companies to whom government departments have outsourced multi-million pound contracts – for every conceivable form of security – could now be investigated by the Serious Fraud Office concerning claims of multi-million pounds worth of fraud.

The alleged fraud even manages to include charges for tagging dead prisoners. It goes to the very core of modern government in which politicians of all stripes have sought to disengage their departments from any form of direct labour, through massive outsourcing.

Justice Minister Chris Grayling could only find the word “astonishing” to express his sentiment. It started as long ago as 2005, maybe earlier, and so both Labour and the coalition governments are in the frame.


Some of the people that were being billed WERE DEAD!!! đŸ˜›


These are the people that are replacing us!


26 responses to “G4S accused of… FRAUD!!!!! ;-)

  1. This kind of thing was predicted in 1997 with a pilot show called “Police 2020” where regular cops had to put up with private forces with just as many arrest powers. Frightening scene was when 3 real cops were on their way to a hostage negotiation and G4S-esque cops pulled them over. As they had no authority over them the guy refused to let them move on until he’d spoken to his supervisor (while smirking at the power he had). They kicked his teeth out and moved on regardless.

    Pity the show never got off the ground.

  2. This enquiry will quietly disappear as the government have a vested interest in this company not failing.

  3. One Time Special

    Is it not Lincolnshire where G4S has a big contract to do policing jobs, run police stations etc? Wonder who let them have that job…….. Maybe Lynne Owens and her Surrey force made a good decision to put this outsourcing stuff on the back burner for a while

  4. Robert Pangborn

    A company partially owned and backed by politicians, fraud? Are you sure?

  5. I wonder which story will have the most legs?

    The one about immoral politicians/ministers and G4S-esque corporations defrauding the public of 10’s of £MILLIONS whlst pocketing bonuses,dividends/backhanders,whilst still continuing to plan and praise the wholesale sell off of law and order in this country.


    the one about a tragic death as a result of police called to deal with a man armed with a knife, who dies as a result of the deployment of a taser, which on the threat response matrix is lower than being repeatedly hit about the head and body by several cops with metal sticks and then jumped on.

    The Mail have already set the standard for gutter journalism to the middle class masses and with a vested share(holders) , I expect an increased barrage of negative press, publicity , stories and inuendo as we contine to be devalued, deskilled, spread thinner and thinner and our leadership contine to peddle the ultimate untruth that we can carry on and that the thin blue elastoplast will hold the arterial bleed.

    clocking off,

  6. A large private security company maximising profits at the expense of the public, who would have thought it.

    Heard numerous stories of G4S Olympic staff booking on during the games and just walking straight out of the park only comming back to book off. When supivisor s for G4S where told all they would say is ” the police and army are here anything happens they will sort it out”.
    How can you trust any private company with public security. They pay rock bottom wages so attract the lowest possible candidate then charge ever so slightly less than proper officers. The government claim a saving while risking the public safety. Playing politics with law and orders.

  7. If a serving officer was found to have committed a fraud (of any amount) he or she would be charged, convicted, and go to jail.

    I’ll be watching the outcome of this multimillion pound fraud investigation.

  8. The outcome is predictable.

  9. Test……………………

  10. Brief Encounter

    Not sure what happened to my last post but what this indicates is something worse than fraud which is incompetence. Someone has not done their job, they should be held to account. The CEO must take responsibility, he won’t, the Director as well, she won’t.

  11. “We were unaware the person had died , although when the tag alarm went off and cops traced the offender to the mortuary we thought it better to err on the side of caution nd continue to fleece the taxpayer for more money so we can then give h kickbacks to politicians and gain further contracts for p??? Poor service to the public but don’t worry we won’t be around to carry the can and the highest moral standards only apply to our ‘ servants’ and not to ourselves because we realize that making money is good and let’s face it we all make mistakes ………… So sue us , we don’t care because the future has been decided and we are it ” unofficial g4s spokesperson stated today ( total nonsense……maybe!)

  12. there was a g4s sales pitch to custody sgts to encourage them to get officers to put tagging as preferred option on mg7’s……
    One of the examples put forward by the eyecandy was when the tagging of an offender allowed them to trace his movements and prove he had committed a serious assault where victim almost died ………….
    it was all going swimmingly for the G4S rep until the sgts’s pointed out that if the offender had been locked up in prison instead of being out and about on a tag, no assault would have taken place, no investigation would be necessary ,there would be one less victim of crime and £1000’s would have been saved by cops and nhs, and that it would be a cold day in hell before they sold their conscience for shareholders profit.
    They are an absolute showerofshit

  13. Brief Encounter

    It seems that the resurrection men are alive and well in many guises.

    • 10 miserable years to go

      ^^^ ha, their motto should be “Digging up a slags corpse near you, on behalf of G4 just to balance the books”
      As usual no one will be held to account as they’re all sucking up to each other and lining each others pockets. But if I accept a free lolly from the ice cream man I’m corrupt and face the sack. And they wonder why most coppers hate the job so much…

  14. Brief Encounter

    I meant that to be a deep rhetorical statement, the dead are no longer assured of a peaceful sleep they’ve been getting up to all sorts and not just at night. Some wonder what they might com back as in a future life but now it seems they might be doing all manner of things before bein reincarnated.

    • 10 miserable years to go

      Well if there’s a clear-up or a positive drug search in it the people that cook the figures for the met police will soon find a way to exploit it. Meanwhile they all just continue to suck up to each other and line their pockets whilst we get shafted for our pensions….you’re well out of it BE and good for you.

  15. We have just had our annual pension statements come through.Some of the comments on the Met “rumour mill” are hilarious. For non-Met the Commissioner thought it would be a good idea to have an anonymous internet forum where you could ask questions about rumours you have heard.Some of the questions/rumours are hilarious….a wag posted yesterday that our pensions are like Bullseye-“here’s what you could have won” oh bad luck (it’s usually a speedboat).But at least you go home with your rubber bully (worth about the same as a newbies pension now!!!)

  16. Still cannot use a password.

  17. WordPress appears to take delight in frustrating my attempts to join the fray.
    I attempt to post and I am blocked, I comment on the fact and appear to be allowed to comment. I give up, maybe tomorrow will prove more successful.

  18. Brief Encounter

    Pimps you could E mail it to me and I’ll post it for you.

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