Morale and moral…

Damo Green (wasn’t he a mate of capt scarlet?) Says police morale is lower than an ants testicles… but it’s not down to pay and conditions or the 12500 drop in officers…no…it’s the media and scandals from earlier ago!
If every they was a perfect example of how out of touch they are ive yet to see it…

I’ve listed the morale drop reasons do many times…but I suspect he don’t read me…or if he does he don’t give a flying flip…

Just in case…

Pay cut (crtp)…
Pay cut (freeze against inflation)…
Pay cut (increase in pension conts)…
Drop in numbers…
Increase in working life…
Rubbish kit…
No tasers…

Oh yeah…and the media…kicking us every day…

It’s got to a point where officers are leaving to get jobs with a 10-20k drop in salary…just to get out…

Pay peanuts… you get monkeys or unhappy tigers…


18 responses to “Morale and moral…

  1. For morale to fall it has to still exist.

    clocking off

  2. It’s a bit rich him saying the media are having a pop. It’s not a coincidence that these story’s come a few days before the government announce more pay cuts or stealing our pensions.
    This government more than any other uses PR tricks via the media to try and turn the public against us for there own purposes.
    Moral is low because if this shame of a government ( I voted for them I’m ashamed to say), law and order is suffering because if this government. Time for Damo to man up and accept this.

  3. As some yoof said to me,
    sorry man, I used to say ‘fuck da police’ now I say ‘da police is fucked’

    I then searched him coz he was black. (joke)

  4. 29 years done today `hooray`

    3 or so years ago at a lunchtime table my Inspector and myself were talking about the then current state of affairs of the newly tory dominated Government. He was much of the opinion that they were out to harm/shaft/demoralise the Police in gerenal. I disagreed and wholly took the side of the tories and to my shame said something like: “I never took you for a socialist,” Boy was I wrong. Coming originally from Northern Ireland I knew the labour party was in bed with that murdering group of terrorists headed by gerry and martin but to see what the new government has done to Police moral is a new low. There is no need for this daily hate-fest in the papers (daily mail) and BBC which propogates a false impression of who and what we really are.

  5. Brief Encounter

    The Lord Chacellor is not a Lawyer and the HMIC is not a copper.

  6. Brief Encounter

    Weather Warning!
    Due to warm weather this blog may not receive the attention it deserves.

  7. Doxon of Dick Green

    There’s more than enough evidence to convict the Tories of killing off the Police Service. They have been allowed to do this due to a largely ineffective & sterile Federation & by those who didn’t vote for the only bargaining card the Police Service is ever likely to have. It befits the oft repeated claim that the Tory ideology is to privatise everything.

  8. Doxon of Dick Green

    This morning, I’ve awoken in the Capital. I’m at the EWHC all week. The magnificence of this building never ceases to amaze me.

    • Brief Encounter

      I might be there on Thursday. I am normally oblivious to the architecture on the way in due to being totally focused on the purpose of the visit. But it is indeed magnificent.

  9. Just read even more anti police crap in the press and am getting really pi€$ed off with journalists making out they have the moral high ground.
    A copper ( a propper one not these high flying sudo politians) does what they do because its the right thing to do. They catch bad guys comfort victims and pick up the peices at incidents the vast majority of people would turn and run a mile from. They do all this everyday, day in day out and pretty much no one remembers there name only that the coppers helped them out.
    A journalist may on occasion write a story that helps someone but you can be sure every time the first thing they write is their name, they want credit they want their face on TV etc.
    Very few journalist risk anything other than a paper cut. They have weeks to pour over info a copper gets seconds to find, decifer and make a desicion. Coppers make desicions based on facts, journalists cast aspersions based on who ever pays the most.

    There is no doubt that this government used the press to destroy the polices reputation and relationship with the public all so they can sneak on private security firms ( we will see in 5-10 years how many of these MPs are earning from this). They leaked or just created stories for journalists who have run and run with it. They have found what they see as a soft target. A group of people doing a job they simply haven’t got the balls to do for reasons they can’t understand. A job run by an SMT or won’t defend the workers for fear of loosing their next rank or worse a negative headline.
    All these journalists lining up to lay the boot in for things that happened years before the vast majority even joined the job is disgusting. These stories do and should come out to the public but the amount of journalists putting a disgraceful spin on it is.,……insert your own bad word.
    Rant over.

  10. Doxon of Dick Green

    A justified rant BB. The Police have few friends because politicians & the press have an axe to grind. Most of the stories are the figment of a perverse imagination. The Federation should defend you, as should SMT & ACPO but I can’t see it ever happening; they’ve their own self obsessed agendas.

  11. When Shijuro retires I’m going to have start paying a shrink for this type of rant.

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