Tennis shocker…

On the day we hear that the government has decided to ‘root out’ the ‘corrupt and abusive’ Police in the most accountable and regulated police in the known world, they are giving themselves a £10,000 per annum pay rise…

It’s like tennis… they serve, we reply…

Thing is… our racket has a massive hole in it…

The irony and insulting nature of a group of known expenses fiddlers telling people that literally risk their lives EVERY FCUKING DAY to keep them safe that they need a CODE OF CONDUCT!!! is disgusting in the extreme.

What is even more telling is how they are intending to include pensions in the misconduct process!

They truly have no limits to their corrupt behaviour…

(see what I did there…)


7 responses to “Tennis shocker…

  1. Police pension regulations already permit forfeiture of pension for officers convicted of pretty much anything.
    Mr Vaz was disciplined some years ago for misconduct, if a police officer he would have been required to resign as the miscoduct involved dishonesty.
    Forfeiture of pension has resulted in some officers being effectively fined over a hundred thousand pounds for offences for which an MOP would have only been given a FPN.
    The code of conduct for police officers is already the strongest of any regulated profession.
    All the MPs, including the PM, who had or offered to pay back expenses through inappropriate claims would have arguably fallen foul of the catch all, likely to bring the service into disrepute, and faced conduct charges.

    Theres one law for them and quite a different one for us.

    By the way, good luck with your new life, try not to look back too much, it will only make you mad.

  2. all in it together……. That phrase will be his epitaph

    words cannot begin to express my anger ,disappointment and hurt to see that we have a gov’t which appears to be modelled on a banana republic and more at home in the 3’rd world, intent on dragging the institutions and public services common to a civilised society to the same level.

    It amazes me that the argument often heard, re paying top wages attracts the brightest and the best and encourages honesty,integrity and civic duty –only seems to apply to 2 homes, 2 jobs, board member, morally corrupt, expense fiddling,dishonest,Members of Her Majesties Gov’t and not to
    social workers
    etc etc

    complete bunch of Twunts. a pox on them all.

  3. Why are we surprised. It is the softening up before they announce comp severance. We are fcked and l for one want to get as far away from this shower of sh1te as soon as possible.

  4. Brief Encounter

    Yeah but they don’t serve, I trust none of them. Other people say that they want to help people. No they don’t they want to be MPs. We have a perfectly good monarch we don’t need them

    • Get rid of MPs and let the monarchy get on with it – like your style, BE!

      While we’re at it, can we also replace our adversarial style of trial with the inquisitorial model, doing away with much of the ‘business’ of those unscrupulous and expensive lawyers?

      • Brief Encounter

        Well I’d like a bit of an inquisition as long as I get to manage the asking of the questions! But I guess you didn’t mean a medieval one. Hah, you wait and see it would cost a whole lot more and take even longer to get a result. Oh I am tempted to have a flounce, Teddy is under the bed but then I am neither unscrupulous nor expensive. I am but one side of the process.

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