Probe call…


A group of mps have called for a probe into the role of the police in the extinction of the dinosaurs…

“We need answers”, said mp Nigel Smith-smythe-Smith… “also we could hammer their pensions when …err if we find them complicit…good, I hate those bastard coppers…must fly, got a meeting with my editor…”

It is believed that the cops did NOTHING as millions of dinosaurs were killed by taser wielding, loutish cop scum…

When asked about the fact no serving cops could possibly be involved as it was so long ago…the home sec said, “I don’t care…im going to screw them anyway… DEATH TO SCUM COPS”



15 responses to “Probe call…

  1. I know exactly where they can stick that probe.
    I can draw them a diagram and if they bend over ,I’ll show they where and how far they can shove it.

  2. MP’s, of all people, demanding greater discipline procedures! Hypocritical bastards.

  3. I hear the Hom Sec is going to give yet another anti police speech tomorrow saying we over use stop and search that it is time consuming and takes officers off patrolling.

    The obvious question I have is what the hell does she think the point of patrolling is? I thought it was to prevent crime which required stop and search. Without it it just going for a walk.

    She clearly is paving the way for private security firms ( with serving and EX MPs on the highly paid board of directors) patrolling the streets. No powers, no real use but at least the Tories will be richer.

  4. Doxon of Dick Green

    I expect the Home Secretary to advise the police that stop and search ruins a good walk. Meanwhile, those paragons of virtue led by the infamous Mr Vaz, spew out the hackneyed & expected venom about how corrupt the Police are! It if wasn’t so serious it would farcical. To all those Officers who didn’t/couldn’t be bothered to vote for the right to take industrial action, well done.

  5. Doxon of Dick Green

    PS best of luck in your new career Shij.

  6. Robert Pangborn

    Right & Honourable referring to an MP! What an oxymoron, which most of which is another good word when referring to an MP

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