And now, the end is near…

…I have been offered a job outside of the police… I have accepted… so in two months I will be gone…

It’s been a difficult decision to make but… when I saw the slimey chancellor saying how much more money they are screwing me for…

…it was easy.

I will continue to post though… 🙂


38 responses to “And now, the end is near…

  1. Farewell, good luck and I don’t blame you for a minute. I have to admit that I’ll be off myself if/when something decent comes along. Hope you DO keep the blog going Shij.

    • Brief Encounter

      Will you be missed though oh sorry meant to say you will be missed though

      • Well if/when I do go, I won’t throw my Teddy in the corner because someone criticised my profession and threaten to never come back to the blog again, only to reappear 2 weeks later LOL!!

        • Brief Enflouncer

          Yeah you are right on that one since IG disappeared I haven’t enjoyed a good flounce and even Teddy has been removed from the At Risk Register. My gripe was that I supported the police and it seemed a little unfair to apply a broad brush when having a pop at lawyers. But on the other hand I returned after my flounce by popular request. Loads of people supported me. Anyway I was only joshing with you, I do hope that you are happy and fulfilled in whatever line you choose to work in.

  2. Good on you and I wish you all the best. Hopefully I’ll be out soon

  3. Brief Encounter

    There is life outside although long hours are never far away. Good luck mate.

    • You are right BE there is life outside the job. I think in general after police officers have served for a certain amount of time policing becomes all they know and they feel there is nothing else they can do, certainly not for a similar wage. I was one of these officers but I have identified something I can do for a decent wage with far less stress and no risk element. It will take time to get the necessary skills but I can see a way out.

      • Brief Enflouncer

        True but a number of the skills that we had as police officers are transferable. The most valuable being our enquiring minds and a refusal to accept the easy option without exploring behind it. Many retirees cannot bring themselves to even consider being police stn reps but if the proposed tendering does come in then I predict that there will be a lot of openings for reps. Also Grayling wants to promote mediation so someone with that qualification could be very attractive to a law firm and again many skills of policing could be transferred into that work.

  4. Wish you all the best Shijuro. There is life outside the cops but once it’s in your blood, you never see the world as your fellow civvies see it. I don’t and it’s a very long time since me and Mr. Wood hit the streets.

    • Brief Enflouncer

      Yes I agree with that, you can re-brand and you can do it very well but coppering stays in the blood. Coppering was a bloody good job and it still would be if the meddlers would let the chaps get on with it. Is Mr Wood Mr Wood N. Top?

  5. Congratulations Shij! Good luck on the outside. I am another one looking. The grass isn’t always greener but as the pluses of the job are whittled away yet further you do seriously wonder about packing it in.

  6. Good luck to you.
    I’m sure the hpds/£19K replacement they find will do a sterling job avoiding difficult decisions and confrontation.

    Every day I see more and more smiley people at work as their escape plans come to fruition.
    These aren’t the shirkers either.

    • “… These aren’t the shirkers, either.”

      Exactly the same phenomenon at my place. The better ones are going first, or so it appears. Of course it helps if you’ve less time in, too.

  7. ‘Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’ Confucius.
    Hope it works for you.

    • Brief Encounter

      Yeap certainly true for me, I still get very tired when I stay up till the wee small hours on a case but it is more of an all encompassing hobby than a job. The icing on the cake is when I win, good for my client and my ego.

  8. You can change your job, but you will find if you were anyway near being a decent copper, you will still retain the mind set and values of one. You may well find that your new workmates operate on a different set of values to you and you will have to bite your tongue quite often.
    Good luck.

    • You may well find that your new workmates operate on a different set of values to you and you will have to bite your tongue quite often.

      a bit like every new recruit since training schools went.- and not in a good way

      GL shij

  9. I hope you keep the blog going. It is an odd feeling, getting to the end and wondering when to jump. Who is to say when the right time is?

    I think the saddest thing, though is the fact that when you’ve gone, your’e gone… All that you were, you are no longer.

    Like the fictional Judges in the Marvel comics: “…When a street judge retires from service at the end of his career, he may choose to leave Mega-City One and live out his final days in exile outside the city. He may do this either in the Cursed Earth, a radioactive desert outside the city walls, or in the Undercity… Once they take the Long Walk, judges are expected never to return, but to die “bringing law to the lawless.”

    Sounds familiar…

    I wish you the best for your ‘Long Walk’.

  10. Good luck.My station is emptying of experienced PC’s and their replacements look about 12 years old.It’s all about numbers,no-one cares that they haven’t got a clue what to do and have no discretion.And don’t get me started on Specials……..

  11. I think it all comes down to ones mind set. Being a police officer is more about who you are and what you believe in rather than most other forms of employment. the nearest I got to it was serving in the armed forces. Otherwise I have had several long term employments, I’ve run several businesses in management, even owned one, I have free lanced and have been a consultant, throughout all of them, should I have been asked I would still have labelled myself as a retired copper . Which, when you think about it is a sad fact I suppose

  12. I too am about to take the plunge and leave completely. LPM insanity in the Met has sent me over the edge. What a shame that every copper I speak to (on Borough at least) with more than a year in desperately wants to leave. Good luck to you.

  13. All the best in the world mate. I retired and it took 18 months to realise that there is, in fact, life after the Police. Don’t understand why I stayed so long Tunnel vision, I guess.

  14. Good luck matey – please keep the posts going -your lighthearted look at life kept me going.

  15. I’m in my last two and a half years, and I’m even seriously thinking of saying f*ck the pension, the Job’s just no longer worth it. So I’m scoping around for something better whilst I’ve still got my wits intact. Best of luck to you !!!

  16. Brief Encounter

    Is the rumour true that you are opening an ice cream parlour down on the front?

  17. 29/30 becomes 30/30, am I staying? Not likely. I truely feel very sorry for those I am leaving behind. Like a bat out of hell.

  18. I’m very happy for you and wish you all the best in your new life.
    I am wondering though will there be ” slim shady moment”
    Will the real Shijuro stand up. Would be nice having a proper voice speaking for the police on TV etc instead of these ACPO types.

  19. I’m not a racist… and I’ve never killed anyone in the police…

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