Speaking of spying..

Gchq in spying shock…in other news…surgeons accused of “cutting people “…gardeners accused of “digging stuff up”…

Err…isn’t that their job? Spying?

My head hurts…


12 responses to “Speaking of spying..

  1. I would actually be surprised and disappointed if the Government wasn’t spying on people.

  2. ……….and they survived Uncle Osbornes cuts, unlike the public sector ,who after plunging the world into a financial crisis what with our gold plated pensions and Spanish work practices.
    No more automatic pay rises for us….. ho hum. still since haven’t had a payrise in 4 years and am about £5K a year worse off than I was in 2009 with cuts and contributions, at least I can sleep soundly in the knowledge that we are all in it together and that MP’s will also have a pay freeze, increased contributions and a reduction in their benefits–stop laughing.

    All aboard the gravy train, Osbornes in charge ,the breaks are bugerred and the end of the line is in sight, thank god we’ve got £10BN to get to brummieville 30 min earlier that to HS2.
    Roll on 2015 for more of the same from the twunts in opposition.

    • Brief Encounter

      and that about sums it up really.

      Speaking of pay rises Lawyers haven’t had one since 1993.

      Eton is the problem, only when posh boys have to go to state Schools will State schools improve. We have to end the elitism.

      I have been working for some hours on my questions of a witness tomorrow and my closing speech.

  3. XX waveydavey | June 26, 2013 at 10:03 pm |

    ……….and they survived Uncle Osbornes cuts, unlike the public sector ,who after plunging the world into a financial crisis XX

    “Financial crisis????”


    No such thing!

    Not when the dictatorship can give billion after billion to third world hell holes, such as Greece, Spain, Ireland, etc, can give billions to India, to support their space/nuclear weapon programmes, billions for a “drone” that does not work, Germany spending more for ONE(!) bridge in Africa, than it would cost to repair 90% of the railway bridges in the WHOLE of Germany (And that is only one from SIXTEEN bridge projects!!!) etc, etc, etc.

    To quote Callaghan;

    “Crisis? WHAT crisis?”

  4. I await the sneaky £30K payrise they will award themselves in the not too distant future.
    And how MILLIpeadel ‘ have no plans to reverse any Tory policies’ and use this lining of his peers pockets as Labours starting point for as wavey said, more of the same.

    I have no faith in any Politician.
    They don’t know right from wrong and are all in it together.

    I await the inevitable knock on the door and curly finger from our overlords

  5. Back to the topic. GCHQ spying? Well that’s what we pay them to do. But who are they spying on? Who is the enemy? Could it be you, Shijuro?

  6. Brief Encounter

    Most peoples lives are so boring that you’d fall asleep watching them.

  7. Brief Encounter

    I thought it was under cover not under the covers.

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