Did the Met spy on the Lawrences?

Yes…says C4 tv programme “dispatches”…they were looking for dirt on the family to…I guess…paint them in a nasty way to offset the public kicking they were getting…

If this is true, then it’s a disgrace…

What were they thinking?

I despair at the decision making abilities off or about officers sometimes…


21 responses to “Did the Met spy on the Lawrences?

  1. Yet again senior officers make dubious command descion a! Will the new bread of HDS be any different as they will have less street time I doubt it !!!

  2. lessons will be learnt
    lipservice will be paid.

    My sympathies and profound apologies to the Lawrences, be assured the assholes tend to have more than just stripes or pips on their shoulders.
    The rest of us just carry on.

  3. Another large payout looms…………….

  4. If this is true its very bad BUT let’s not jump to conclusions here. Just looking at the facts I’ve seen so far, it appears to be one mans word given over 20 years later having ignored numerous other enquires etc where he could have made these allegations. Why on earth did he wait so long?
    They produced no evidence other than stories of other officers from people who stated they were already during police.
    I’m hearing that the former officer has a book comming out, coincidence?
    The look at the integrity of Dispatches they ran the Plebgate thing having heavily doctored the CCTV only giving the MPs side knowing officers can’t comment.

    It seems politians, journolists and others are all jumping on the band wagon without the full story. MPs in particular are loving the cop bashing it seems a favoured pass time in the commons.

    As I’ve said if true it was wrong and disturbing but it was over 20 years ago over 75% of the serving officers were not in the job then but again they take the brunt of the flak.

    One rag is today running a story of 4000 officers disciplined over the last 5 years. So doing the maths that’s less than 1000 a year. With about 140000 officers that is less than 1% of serving officers disciplined. I’m pretty confident no other police force in the world or job anywhere can boast this rate. But again the MPs and the press choose to ignore this and bash the police.

  5. I suppose it wouldn’t have anything to with plugging his book would it? At the moment it is open season on the police, followed by the NHS and Teachers. I wonder who will be next?

  6. Amazing how story breaks 20 years too late and just in time to deflect interest away from the govt spying on everybody.
    Hope there is no substance to this.
    sir condon has already said he knew nothing.
    I tend to believe him.
    The lawrences were let down by MET. the service has changed and moved forward, typical lazy journalism and axetogrind/BOOKtosell pc putting the boot in.

  7. Brief Encounter

    I feel so sorry for the families whose deceased children’s names were used to create false IDs.

    • Not saying this to merely be argumentative, but have to say that I disagree.

      I have children and if I found out that (if god forbid the worst happened to one of them) their names were used to create UC IDs for police undercover work, then it wouldn’t bring about the anguish and perpetual suffering that it apparently does to everyone else. In fact, and I can’t quite put my finger on why, I think I’d be rather pleased. I’d certainly understand why such things might be done.

      I certainly wouldn’t be suing the police for all this newfound distress, torment and misery…

  8. Disgruntled ex-employee strikes again? I wanted to hear who gave him the direct order to do what he did.Let’s see the chain of command.

  9. Brief Encounter

    Its a bad business and couldn’t come at a worse time. Boris’s idea is to ask Tom Windsor to look into it. I guess that sooner or later there will be a judicial enquiry. Police should concentrate on policing and leave espionage to the security services.

  10. Agree with BE. Mrs Lawrence on TV now outside Home Office, dignified and justifiably angry. No decision as to an enquiry as yet, all options will be considered, Mrs Lawrence has no confidence in a ‘police led’ enquiry.
    Mrs Lawrence wants the names of the senior officers who signed off the undercover operation.
    They may well have already retired.
    But if not………
    There will be another enquiry.
    Another stick with which to beat The (mostly honest) police.
    BHH will speak to the GLA Later today.
    Grease the wheels of the tumbril.

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