Thanks and bye bye…

West mid officer PC Koch (ryton days must have been hell) well never fully recover from being stabbed during a machete attack at a mosque…says his doctor.

It must fill him with joy to know then, that under the new guidelines he will likely be booted out of the job…

Thanks Dave…


23 responses to “Thanks and bye bye…

  1. And something to consider for all officers when deciding whether or not to put themselves on offer in future. When the usual Daily Maulites wail and screech about things like when the first, unarmed, attending officers at Woolwich had to stand back until ARVs arrived 10 minutes later, THIS is why that attitude is spreading.

    No support from the government. RIP anything that was still good about British policing.

    Shame on Cameron, May Herbert and Green and their little toadie Winsor for what you have done.

    • Exactly. This is the exact reason I will never again put myself in harms way. My family is more important than anything else in life. I’ve lost thousands of pounds and I will not be supported should I sustain life changing injuries should I get hurt in the line of duty. The brain dead morons who dare criticise police for not running toward armed lunatics will fail to appreciate this therefore I suggest they apply to become a police officer. Lets see if they are willing to risk everything.

      • And of course it won’t surprise anyone to find out who recently tried to exempt the police from H&S legislation.

        … [Tory peer] Lord Young said there were “children dying because of health and safety”. He told the Times that the emergency services were “paid for doing a job that involves risk” and legislation should not be “an excuse for inaction”.

        That’s right, ‘reform’ us to take away any job protection if injured on duty, but at the same time make us exempt from H&S protection.

        Dirty, sneaky bastards.

        • “Paid for doing a job that involves risk”.
          Yeah pay that has been cut drastically. I was always willing to risk my own safety in order to help others and H&S legislation never came into it.
          I am still willing to help others and I will always work to the best of my ability but if there is a clear risk to my safety then I will stand back, the only exception I will make is if a child’s life is in danger or one of my colleagues.
          Pains me to be like this but I need to provide for my family.

  2. Brief Encounter

    I don’t think that the Tories ever wanted an organised Police. They probably despised Peel which is why he lies spinning in an inauspicious grave in the country instead of where he should be in St Paul’s with the likes of Nelson. Course these short sighted meddlers fail to realise that crime never really goes away.

    • The tories are, always will be, a bunch of self serving elitists that care for no man that has the slightest care or social conscience…

      They will destroy the public services…

      • Having completed their current round of hatchet jobs on the police, anyone else noticed the increasing drip drip of negative media about the NHS, softening the public up nicely into concluding that increased privatisation will indeed be necessary to fix the scandalous lack of care etc? They’re next. Jeremy Hunt makes my teeth itch every time I see him on TV tutting about the latest expose that he’s been fed by Policy Exchange, showing how the NHS is failing…

        • Brief Encounter

          None of them fill me with any sort of confidence.

        • Youre right nearly every papers front page today carries a story criticising the nhs.the lapdog reporters are being fed by their masters again…no doubt G4SNHS will be trumpeted as the solution soon.

  3. Brief Encounter

    What we need is everyone going to state schools, not the rich and titled being allowed to send their kids to elite schools from where they will get elite jobs.

  4. Brief Encounter

    And the Navy has gone mad now and done away with the toast to wives and girlfriends.

  5. The silence from Winsor and Imelda re this likelihood is what I find most upsetting.
    Glad to see the FED will be rushing to tell everyone how wrong it is…..
    I wonder if the recent appeal judgement re adequate equipment during gulf war will impact cops?

    as for paid to risk life and limb………I don’t see a payment on my wage packet for danger money, just tax, ni and increased debit for my not so gold plated might get it if I don’t set shot/stabbed/run over/sacked pension.

    policing ,not so much a vocation as an exercise in futility.

  6. You must first have a position in the police service before you can give it notice to quit…. 🙂

    Actually, I have always admired your blog… I hope you will continue…no matter what you do…

  7. Yuer welcom…(sighs) but dote leev their not promotid too sargent

    • Didn’t want to do the job of sarge… it’s down to simple ignorance on your part…(don’t be embarrassed) that you don’t know they are very different roles…I chose constable and DC roles…it’s a choice…

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