UK Cop humour: social media and the cops…

One of my favourite sites on the internet is: UK Cop Humour…    and I read it a couple of times a day for two reasons:

It’s funny-made by cops…and an antidote to the boring Police social media sites that our organisations ‘put out’…to entertain us to indoctrinate us to inform our communities… or try to bore us to death…

Some of the Police twitter feeds are quite good but…they usually run to form: they are funny and popular- the management see some borderline non-PC statement and the feed is pulled along with various officers having invites to
“an interview without coffee” at the HQ courtesy of DPS…

Of course, if the feed says something like “I gave the slag a dig for the IP” it’s destined for the bin…but when the comments are “I arrested a villain…” and the SMT pull it as they object to the word ‘villain’…we really are being anal to the extreme…

We clearly have no idea… the way they go after bloggers is scary. I have often thought of giving up as its just too dangerous. But…then I think that there are not many places we can go to vent or say how we feel even…

So I continue…



2 responses to “UK Cop humour: social media and the cops…

  1. 10 miserable years to go

    Is this a cheeky 1st for me?

  2. Never EVER forget that this joke’s a job …….

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