A real hero, not for cooking etc…

Unlike the usual God/goddess created by da meja…a real hero.


West mids copper PC Adam Koch… not only did he RACE with his partner to a man with a machete…when he was stabbed (due to his not having a firearm) he STILL helped make the arrest…

Amazing… no media praise for you mate…but from one officer to another. I thank you…



33 responses to “A real hero, not for cooking etc…

  1. FAIR PLAY AND kudos to you, PC Koch. And I wouldn’t trade names with you for all the tea in China, either!

  2. Well Done. Get well soon!

  3. Yep, this cop Koch showed he has more balls than Imelda.

    quick recovery

  4. Brave man, well done and speedy recovery!

  5. Pity no-one raced to the aid of the soldier in Woolwich…

    • You are right…but one of them did have a firearm…not quite the same thing…

    • Julia do you practice speaking bollocks or does it come naturally to you.

    • I remember you when you were a contributor of note? You were a fave? What went wrong?

    • ‘Pity no-one raced to the aid of the soldier in Woolwich…’

      Don’t worry,I’m sure they’ll be plenty of similar opportunities for you to pick up a Darwin award.
      If those nutters started attacking members of the public, would you have intervened? NO, you would be like the 99% of the ‘BIG SOCIETY’ present. who would film it on their mobiles, tweet and face book about it and criticise the police for not being their instantly and then using excessive force.

      Come the Zombie apocalypse, I suggest you use the brains you’re trying to eat.

      • 10 miserable years to go

        “Come the zombie apocalypse I suggest you use the brains you’re trying to eat”

        best put down I’ve heard in ages. I nearly pee’d my y-fronts when I read that!!!

    • One of the suspects at Woolwich was reported as having a firearm (which he indeed did).

      So the options are:

      1) Arm all frontline police officers thereby enabling them to deal with such circumstances, or

      2) Accept that unarmed police officers should not be expected to mount suicide missions in such instances (and save your faux ‘pity’ for your beloved Daily Mail comments section).

      Which is it? We’re all ears oh wise one – because much as you’d like to, you can’t have it both ways.

  6. Melvs world melvs world party time, excelllllleeeeennnnt.

    So it wasn’t the armed officers who shot the lunatics as they rushed at the police?

  7. I’m not spinning anything…anyway you’re not allowed her has-been…

    • scarletpimple

      Forearm deflectors?
      Ahh Me! echoes of days gone by when F rampaged through the Blog striking all who crossed her path, smiting them hip and thigh. I do miss the cut and thrust when Cor stalked the corridors of comment hunting down his prey and sounding his klaxon (Barrrp).
      Hey ho.

      • Ah…..’F’….. (Lady?)…………….In cyberspace, no-one can hear you scream…..I miss him/her (Other genders may be available)too……Temporary absence?….S3 MHA, perhaps.

        • scarletpimple

          I see that Colin the Cop, Mrs Doughnut, Buzz, Cor, Maroon Lid, Lance and Reacher have made a passing appearance on Monday Books Blog.
          Echoes of the recent past indeed.

          • I don’t blame them…it’s like the mary Celeste here…

            • scarletpimple

              Was it something you said (Heh heh!)

            • scarletpimple

              I left a hello on Monday Books Blog, it was just a note to say I missed the old commenters, it ended with ‘ the job is still buggered’. It went to moderation and was then deleted. Just like old times really, I was always being banned then. Seems they are sensitive to certain words. Although I wouldn’t think ‘Buggered’ was that bad

            • Brief Encounter

              Well Pimps that exonerates you of being an ‘ass’ then.

            • Brief Encounter

              Well you are the Captain, Captain.

          • I’m still lurking………
            I fondly remember the ‘F’ person would sound reasonable in the mornings and be completely fucking batshit fruit loopy by suppertime.

  8. Brief Encounter

    Good to see you in print again pimps, trust you are bearing up?
    I have had doubly victorious week but I will not expand upon that.

  9. Still stalking, not much call for the klaxon lately old bean!
    Feral and Mince seem sadly… well maybe not so sadly – absent!

    (And yer memory’s not what it was… BWAAAAAARRRRRPPPPP! If you please!)


  10. Happy Solstice to one and all!

  11. My postings are being highjacked by WordPress who keep cancelling my passwords
    Trying to sort it out.

  12. I think the muddle has been sorted, don’t quite know how though. It apparently righted itself, either that or my poor eyesight and trembling
    extremities were the cause.
    Back to reality and open for business (whatever that is).


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