8 responses to “CAPTION COMPETION…

  1. #1 “Any one know what these are? Found them in my locker.”

    #2 “Youre NICKED darling, in possesion of a ridiculous hair-do.”

  2. Caption:
    I can assure the public that a single-crewed officer is perfectly capable of dealing with armed criminals with his tin of pepper and aluminium stick…..

  3. Blair: “Step away from the notice board with all those posters of Bernie, or Cressida has given me permission to open fire.”

    May (talking to each officer in turn, L-R): “Listen, don’t worry about these 20% cuts – YOU (1st officer) probably won’t get sacked, YOU (2nd officer) probably won’t get sacked… (pauses, ignores 3rd officer and turns to 4th officer), YOU probably won’t get sacked…”

  4. Pic No2 – Quick lads, don’t shake her hand she’ll have your watch before she can say ” We’re all in it together”

  5. Brief Encounter

    Bloke with the guns: “I predict that following arming of rebels in Syria that our troops will be facing weapons like this”.

  6. 1. “see these? You’re not getting any”
    2. “my, what big sticks you have”

  7. 1. ” ok , all the PCC’s to my left ……and all the rank and file to my right… that ok Imelda ,now do I get my knighthood for services to law and order ! ”

    2. “….. right you three , I want you to go out as you are just now , both hands tied behind your backs and fight crime ……nothing more , nothing less,! “

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