(Another) officer(s) (isolated incidents) down…

It’s not a hate crime no…a man walks into a mosque with a machete and starts hacking at the worshippers…but it’s not a hate crime.


In carpet town Kidderminster, adv officer is lucky to be alive after a villain rammed a police van squishing him against it! (Attempt murder anyone? Nah…sec 18…easier to prove and…keeps those figures down…)


Mmmm…single crewing working well then…that’s two officers that may be A20’d….



17 responses to “(Another) officer(s) (isolated incidents) down…

  1. Re the officer who was stabbed I heard on the news that he used his tazer and it had no effect. I’ve always said tazer is a fantastic tool but I could see from training there were several issues. Those issues would be less with a firearm and if some lunatic is running at you with a knife I’d prefer there be little or no issues.
    As far as I’m concerned any calls re knives I’m not going anywhere near the suspect until a firearms team arrive.

  2. hope he makes a quick recovery.
    I also noted on bbc ‘news’ site another bashing story re payouts for injuries;
    £67M since 2009??? sounds like a lot till you break it down,
    £135 each……….over 4 years.
    I guess the facts aren’t as interesting

    I’ve never claimed for any injury sustained on duty even ones that have required surgery.
    Guess I’m the fool.

    carrying on

    • Brief Encounter

      How long ago was the last one?

      • about 6 weeks ago

        bite-broke skin.

        delightful clientele.

        await complaint re excessive farce. not a typo.

        still carrying on as ‘honestly’ as any cop can ,allegedly

        • Brief Encounter

          Good on yer but you shouldn’t have to put up with it.

          I was thinking time limit on civil action. I am not in favour of police officers suing their forces in such situations but then I am not into officers not being properly equipped for modern policing. At the very minimum this means side arms for all who patrol in uniform.

          As our government apparently stands on the brink of arming rebels in Syria without even a whiff of a UN mandate please, please, please can they arm the British Police before they think of giving weapons to a rag bag army thought to include Al Queda factions.

          I trust that a charge of at least ABH has been proferred with serious consideration to a s.18.

          • It will never happen… never…ever…clever…Trevor…

            • Brief Encounter

              Oi don’t call me Trevor on here.

              And your saying that it will never happen strengthens it. It could happen, it would happen if there was a strong lobby in favour. To do that you guys have to put aside your contempt for parliamentarians and find someone who will back you.

            • It’s not MPs that are stopping it…the Home Sec says it’s up to CCs to decide how many tasers there are in force… It’s money and a basic contempt for constables that is stopping taser issue

              As to firearms…well…that’s just never happening.

  3. Police officer stabbed effecting an arrest another crushed by a van, thousands of officers shipped away from home and not pId what they are due so Cameron can play statsman . All on the day the PM thinks its ok to call them dishonest.
    True colours showing through.

    • I’d have loved to have been able to return to NI to help our PSNI brothers and sisters. But not when we’re being given about as much support and backup as, well… not much back up and support anyway. Feck that, anyone going out there unarmed and uninsured and hoping for the best when the wheels fall off, must be insane.

      And as for Camoron describing this country’s police as being ‘relatively honest’ – well, his distaste of the police since he ran away and hid from them after his Bullingdon Club chums smashed up an Oxford restaurant, just oozes from him…

  4. Our Taser (the very least we should ALL have) SOPs state – in bold – that the item is “not an item of PPE”.

    So what the feck is it, then?

    Unless, if their reasoning is that if it WAS classified as PPE, then others would be able to sue their respective farces if/when they were injured/killed as a result of not being issued it when some other (lucky) officers had been…

  5. I see the Chief Supt was bangin on about “commoooonities” in his speech. Good God, no-one cares. All we want is some gaffer with bollox to stand up and tell it how it is.
    I can only assume Taser was ineffective because the officer either missed or the offender had a thick jacket on.
    West Mids no longer send two officers out with Taser so should the officer miss, the other officer could have fired their Taser instead- if they’d had one.
    Someone somewhere needs to make a decision re Taser for all officers.

    • Never happen…

      They just dont care enough…

      • Recently had an interesting conversation with a US lawyer about having an unarmed police force pros and cons. The point he made was regarding the governments duty to its officers as an employer ( we soon will effectivly be employees). He pointed out that if every officer went to there supivisor stating for safety they think they should be armed to do there job ( insert taser or firearm at this point) they would get the obvious ” no we’re unarmed…. Policing by consent” etc. the officer would then go away making a note about the issue raised.
        Then should that officer be unfourtunate enough to be injured or killed his/her family would be in a far stronger position to make a claim against the force or the government that an issue was raised regarding safety and nothing was done about it.
        The government and CCs clearly couldn’t care less about safety of officers but would soon sit up when they had to start paying out huge sums to families.
        May not work here after all we couldn’t even get 50% to vote for industrial rights but still worth thinking about.

    • Brief Encounter

      Stuff Taser, do the enemy throw knives/fire bullets on the end of two fishing lines? You need guns and you need them now. I need you to have guns.

      Sadly no one does care, we as lawyers should have been marching to draw attention not just to the fact that the profession is about to be decimated but more importantly the nightmare scenario of secret courts.

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