Shijuro on BIG BROTHER!

Yes folks… I’ve quit my brilliant job that:

  • has a ongoing 3-year pay freeze
  • reduction in allowances of around £3000 pa…
  • increased pension contributions of around 3.5% pa…
  • increase in working life-so I can look forward to chasing/fighting  2o-year olds when I am 60…

and instead…I’m going to be  ‘in da house’ … checkin’ out da babes… then end up in dopey commercials for Iceland… (the frozen food palace…).

I will cease to be a ‘fat lazy public sector scrounger’ and be a ‘tireless moral private sector worker’…

Double win?



Not really… but he is…lol



6 responses to “Shijuro on BIG BROTHER!

  1. XX Operation Yewtree detective now going on Big Brother, a source has said. XX

    I just… don’t know what to say.

    Any police officer that even WATCHES this crap is not worthy of the ofiice, let alone one who ENTERS this imbicilic madness.

    I hope he has been sacked…?

    • Heh…he resigned… From such a great job too…

    • Brief Encounter

      On an intellectual basis I agree with you but given that many of my clients and your public thrive on a diet of BB, Jeremy Kyle, BGT and the Voice we
      probably ought to have a quick look from time to time. That said, I save my time for Holby City.

      Incidentally don’t know if anyone watched Corleone which finalised this last Friday. Judge Facone and his associate and the police officers engaged in the fight against organised crime were so brave.

  2. He is one of many up my way Shij. Getting lonely in my station….

  3. I had to laugh when the Daily Mail described him as a “senior officer”. What? Because he’s CID?

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