Hero of the week…

Not the gangster that put a £20k bounty on Dale Cregan… but COLIN THE WALLABY…


Colin while he was on the loose in the area of Knowle, SolihullColin earlier ago…

A runaway wallaby sparked a police hunt involving six officers after he was spotted making a dash for freedom near Birmingham

Three-year-old Colin jumped a 6ft fence to escape from his pen in Solihull, West Midlands, before hopping back home five hours later, his owners revealed today.

The meandering marsupial escaped last night and sightings were reported over four miles away from the half-acre field he shares with seven other wallabies.

Police were called when a shocked motorist spotted the unusual sight and filmed the fugitive on his mobile at around 11.45pm.

Despite six officers turning up to try and catch Colin he disappeared into the night and it was down to owners Jon Cloke, 46, and wife Angela, 46, to track him down.

He was eventually found cowering in a field just yards from where he had originally escaped after his countryside walkabout.

Mr Cloke drove around for 90 minutes in the dark and cornered Colin before returning at sunrise to capture him.

Today he said: ‘The police rang us about 12.30am. There’s no-one around here who owns wallabies so I knew it was ours.

LOL…good old COLIN! Love the line about wallabies from Mr Cloke…


Can’t be many people that can honestly say as part of their daily crime-fighting escapades ‘I chased a wallaby today…’…

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2341763/How-Colin-escaped-white-wallaby-gave-startled-policemen-slip-midnight-chase-hopping-home.html#ixzz2WIBC3IBL


4 responses to “Hero of the week…

  1. XX The meandering marsupial XX

    I have just spat my beer all over the key board.

    You OWE me one pal! 🙂 🙂

  2. Brief Encounter

    You drink and drive a keyboard? Be careful that might lead you to some poor posts.

  3. Brief Encounter

    Shij, the Marsupial did better than the Baboon who climbed over the fence at the zoo cos he was defeated in protecting his mate from a gang of other Baboons. Reported in today’s Times together with Our Dear Leader’s unfortunate use of the word ‘relatively’ to describe how honest he thought the police were. These people make me sick.

  4. Brief Encounter

    Oh and PCCs are likely to be in charge of Fire & Ambulance Services as well.

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