ACPO breaks it’s silence over compulsory severence…

Sir Hugh Orde

A senior police officer has called on the home secretary to review the powers of police and crime commissioners (PCCs) to remove chief constables.

Sir Hugh Orde, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, wants to meet Theresa May to discuss the “huge” power granted to PCCs.

He said the current arrangement lacked scrutiny and he branded it “the worst system you can possibly have”.

The Home Office said PCCs had given the electorate a “real say” over policing.


Well, OK he didn’t really… he’s just worried about his own job…lol

PCC’s are a complete waste of time…any money…we all know that…but they are there for good reason: it’s someone to blame other than the government.



11 responses to “ACPO breaks it’s silence over compulsory severence…

  1. Brief Encounter

    Well if the PCC has the final say, we sure as hell don’t have to waste money on a CC. Don’t need ACP either let’s have APCCs instead. Frankly I’m not bothered what happens to Senior Management.

  2. XX it’s someone to blame other than the government.XX

    Another layer to keep the Government safe from complaints.

    “Was not me boss… HONEST!”

    No one who can do anything about “it”, wants to take the responsibility any more.

  3. Doesn’t it just show ACPO at there best, happy to say nothing when its proper coppers jobs on the line but as soon as its one if there jobs then they get all militant.

  4. No sympathy.
    As has been pointed out to our chief……..short of his blog, wtf does he do to justify his existence other than harp on for acpoo.

    I see the welsh cc got sacked by her pcc.
    Who would have thought that a power drunk,ill informed, ill equipped,ill advised party politician masquerading as an independent elected representative of the people and acting in their best interests would see fit to sack someone who was unwilling/unable to aspire to his dogma.

  5. She didn’t want to be the pcc’s BITCH
    hence now looking for a job with g4s

    • Brief Encounter

      Yeah I missed that one, all the senior officers migrate to G4S which then runs policing services.

  6. Brief Encounter

    Shij, yet another officer down – Birmingham last night.

  7. One Time Special

    Re Carmel’s departure, I hear it said that her PCC is a former head of the Superintendents’ Association……………….pigeons coming home to roost perhaps?

  8. Brief Encounter

    Speaking of which where is the Seagull?

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