Officer down…

Following a short chase, a male has been detained and charged with attempt murder of a police officer in sunny Birmingham.

The officer isn’t well…he has a broken pelvis and is thought to be in a serious but stable condition…

In the states the idiot that ran him over would probably be dead… as they tend to shoot people that attack officers with a deadly weapon-a car…

We may get a chance to see how a judge deals with this crime as per Imelda’s guidance…

…assuming he doesn’t get a plea-bargain deal for careless drive…


12 responses to “Officer down…

  1. He probably won’t get the 18 months that other fella got for knocking that judges wig off the other day.

  2. Brief Encounter

    She’ll have to damn quick to get that through and we all know that it will never happen. I see that Achtpoo wants shooters to pay more for their licences, good idea ought to charge for patrols as well.

  3. Brief Encounter

    Can’t help thinking that this will punish the law abiding gun owners.

  4. I’d imagine that once the org that Can’t Prosecute Shit have finished with it, it’ll be downgraded to an ABH or similar.

  5. Fingers crossed for a speedy and full recovery and return to work. Of course Winsor will want the officer sent packing if he doesn’t return within 6 months!!

  6. I hope he makes a speedy recovery. hope he’s got some service ……as we all know whats in store a few months down the line.

    still he’ll have his gold plated pension.
    I’ll get my coat.

  7. 10 miserable years to go

    Perhaps the old witch ms may or the scumbag Winsor would like to visit him and his family and explain why he’s not worth his current salary and his current pension, although I doubt they have the balls for it. Either of them.

  8. We will be told that we won’t get TASER courses as ‘we have reached the force prescribed limit for TASER crews’ and even if they were available you have to be at minimum of a ‘grade 3′ driver to have one!!! lol… What? When will I ever get a driving course as a walking beat officer??? Why do I need to have a driving grade to use a taser? Just another way of stopping us from having them.

  9. I can only echo the frankly sad sentiment above – that not one officer will have any confidence that the scrote who did this will get anywhere near what he deserves. Attempted murder of a cop in the UK? Maybe a couple of years and then out.
    To him and his family, I send my very best wishes.

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