Fair play gaffer…


The only thing my gaffer chases is his knighthood…


14 responses to “Fair play gaffer…

  1. 1. they stopped a group and one ran off, who had hold of him?
    2. Note that ‘another’ officer actually arrested the suspect so not much griefy paperwork for him once back at the station.
    On the plus side, at least he was out and about – let’s see how long that lasts…..

  2. mine specialises on unlawful and unnecessary arrests every time he ventures into the wild west.
    as always , never attends to relate circus’s of arrest and several hours later, the matter is usually nfa’d and the person released with words of advice-that could/should have been given at time.

    as for this one- isn’t that what we’re paid to do?

    • 10 miserable years to go

      Our commissioner just implements stupid rules that no one else gives a rats @rse about. Oh and he doesnt need to chase his knighthood as he got it for the Olympics. I just got all my rest days and my annual leave cancelled….

  3. If your gaffer is the Commisioner (or anybody above Commander) he doesn’t have to qualify with any PPE so the likelihood of him appearing on the streets is about zero.

    No idea if the current one does. At one point Sir Robert Mark qualified as an AFO apparently.

  4. Brief Encounter

    Yeah but Sir Robert Mark was a gentleman, he also looked old enough and experienced enough to be a senior officer.

  5. Brief Encounter

    Off topic Shij but when I read this story I thought that it was incomplete because it didn’t say that the store owner had since been convicted of common assault!


  6. Brief Encounter

    I remain a supporter of the House of Lords as part of the checks and balances of our system but sometimes I worry…….


  7. Hey Shij,

    Just want you to know (please feel free not to publish) that I’ve just spoken to some uniformed SYP and told them I thought they’re doing an excellent job, from an MOP perspective. I would have posted on IG, since he’s what inspired me to do so, but…


  8. scarletpimple

    Well if we are taking five, it might as well be Brubeck’s version.

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