You know when you’re a copper when…

You hear a beeping car horn our someone saying “oi!”…and you don’t turn around…you won’t spin…


26 responses to “You know when you’re a copper when…

  1. 10 miserable years to go

    Possibly a 1st…

  2. 10 miserable years to go

    Or you immediately think someone is lying when their lips start moving.

  3. You’re on your 3rd 7 O’clock of the day…….

  4. 10 miserable years to go

    The government shaft you more that everyone else.

    Your “union” are complete sh!t and just roll over no matter how bad you get treated.

    • Brief Encounter

      You know, for a munute there I thought you were a lawyer colleague. If you want to see epic stle shafting observe the total anihilisation of a profession.

  5. you see that someone gets 18 months for ragging a judge around….
    But for hospitalising one of your colleagues gets a suspended sentence.

    Society’s Morale compass points due dickishness

    • Unharmed…that’s the judge’s own comments after police officers rescued him… common assault…18 months (actually I think he knocked him of for contempt…)…still…funny when you think about it…

    • Brief Encounter

      I do understand what you mean but this was effectively an attack upon our sovereign in which capacity a judge sits. If we decry the passing of an age in which individuals showed respect to police officers, then it is of the same nature when a judge is attacked. Had I been sitting and had the penalty been available to me, I would passed the death sentence, in my mind it is that serious.

  6. Southernbobby

    What “WaveyDavey” said. Never heard of anyone getting 18months for contempt or even locked up for common assault! Talk about looking after your own! Grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. You know you’re a copper if the mere thought of looking at the MSM gets your blood pressure rocketing… Or you know you’re a copper of your life is spent speaking in acronyms! I mean wtf… Lol! 😉

    Ps… What happened to My pucomter won’t find it anymore… Is the interweb broken???

  8. Hi Melvin… did you mean “their”? Wow…looks like literacy standards have fell in troll land too eh?

  9. Marco, ex TVP

    Or, in my case, you know you are no longer a copper tells you when walking along the street that “You no longer look at the tax discs on cars as you pass!!!”

    • Brief Encounter

      Ahh true but do you still detect the heat from the engine of a parked car?
      I truly miss free travel and that warm feeling when in polite company people are actually impressed that you are doing a job which they recognise as important – sadly lacking for currently serving officers I guess.

  10. You know you’re a copper when, no matter when you joined up, anyone who left 10 years earlier asks “Is the job still fooked?”

  11. Brief Encounter

    You know you are a copper when you haven’t yet graduated and become a professional.

  12. Brief Encounter

    …………………relights blue touch paper, sticks fingers in ears and takes cover.

  13. Slightly Tarnished

    When somebody who’s had zero training in your job feels qualified to instruct you on what you should be doing at a large scaler/fat-acc/knife wielding loon.

  14. ……. When you know the difference between a copper and a police officer.

  15. You ask everyone, “Are you free to speak” whenever you call them.

  16. 10 miserable years to go

    Before the conversation starts you tell your mates if you’re on a job phone when you call them.

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